Free Download: Jenny & Tyler-Faint Not

Simply put, you guys should have known about this album when it came out two years ago. For some reason Chuck and I missed it in 2009, and its a shame because Faint Not would have been at the very top of our 2009 lists. Faint Not is just so good, both in song writing and execution. Jenny’s voice is haunting and unique, while the music runs the scale of happy surfer folk to Adele-esque soul at times.

I am begging you to download this, thats how good it is.

“Faint Not”

“Song For You”

“This is Just So Beautiful”


  1. elrond says:

    You did not completely miss it because only a few days ago I downloaded this same album somewhere from your archives from last year or so! So you at least had a link or some other thing that made me discover them.

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