American Idol Season 11 Top 8 Performances

Hello One21Music music lovers.  Chuck is traveling, so in his stead, you will be experiencing American Idol with me, Debbie.  Let’s watch as the final eight contestants prepare to impress the judges, along with you and I, the viewers at home, as they sing popular hits from the 80′s.  They have brought in guest mentors Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal.

Each of the contestants will share what they miss about home.  DeAndre Brackensick misses his car.  Just got his license.  He really is young and very cute.  (Different writing from Chuck, huh??)   The video goes right into the mentoring session as he prepares to sing I Like It by DeBarge.  Gwen tells him to be more confident.  I am enjoying this performance.  Not so much falsetto.  Oops, I spoke too soon.  Jennifer liked him a lot.  Randy liked that he used his natural voice along with the falsetto and felt it was one of his best performances.  I agree.

Elise Testone is next and will be singing a top hit song by Foreigner.  Elise misses her band.  Her band sends well wishes.  She is going to sing I Want to Know What Love Is.  Wow, I remember this song.  Is that telling my age?  ha.  I really love Elise’s voice.  I don’t know if this is as powerful as last week, but I think she performed well.  Steven is not too sure about the song selection. Jennifer starts out by complimenting her look.  That is never a good sign.  Randy thought her performance was pitchy.

Next up, our first duet.  Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine will sing Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  Our Colton has gone blonde.  Skylar is calmly performing.  They are doing a nice job.  Very sweet.  I think the judges are a bit surprised that Colton Dixon could carry a country song.  And no, they are not dating.

Phil Phillips misses jamming with his brother-in-law Ben.  He feels there is a definite connection between them as they play.  I would love to listen to Phil and Ben play live.  That would be amazing. Can you tell,  I am a fan.  So he is going to sing That’s All by Genesis.  His practice session is not quite up to par, but hopefully once he hits the stage, all will be well.   And I kind of get my wish, here he is performing with Ben.   He seems to be struggling some.  These ’80′s songs are a bit harder to sing than we thought.  Hmmm.  Not his best in my opinion.  Steven thought he was great.  Randy thought he was great.  What do I know?

So Hollie and DeAndre are going to sing The Pointer Sister’s , I  Am So Excited.  These are interesting pairings for the duets. They sound pretty good and I am so happy to see that Hollie is age appropriately dressed tonight.  She is letting go,…a little.  The judges really liked the free flowing performance.  I just noticed this but what in the world is Steven Tyler wearing?

And here we go with one of my favorite Christian performers.  Joshua Ledet is going to sing a Simply Red song.  What will it be?  Joshua is missing his family. He is the baby of the family and just wants to sing. Well okay, we want him to sing.   He is going to perform If You Don’t Know Me by Now,  originally recorded by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes with Teddy Pendergrass.  I love this song.  I can’t wait to hear him sing this.  He has a choir beginning the song for him.  Joshua Ledet makes me cry he is so good.  Standing ovation by the judges.  Randy wanted to stand up from the beginning of the song to the end.  Another amazing performance by this young Christian man.

Jessica Sanchez considers herself a normal teenager. She misses all the teenage stuff in her life.  She plans to sing a Whitney Houston song, How Will I Know.  Gwen tells her to watch her performance style,  so I guess we  will see Jessica’s “party” side tonight.  She really has a powerful voice.  Amazing that she is so young.  She did fine.  She seems to be a sweet girl.  Jennifer says Jessica is a natural singer.  She can’t believe the voice that comes out of the little girl body.  Steven really liked it.  Randy is surprised at her maturity.  She is 16.

Now a wonderful pair for a duet, Phil Phillips and Elise Testone.  Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty.  This should be a moment.  They are both really good.  Smile, Elise, smile.  Is Phil Phillips comfortable moving around the stage?  I really don’t think so.   He is that “guy behind the guitar” kind of performer.  Randy and Jennifer want to hear more.  Steven loved it too.

Hollie Cavanaugh says this is the longest amount of time she has ever been away from her family and puppy.  She loves Gwen Stefani.  She plans to sing What a Feeling from the movie, Flashdance.  Gwen told her to sing it tough.  Jimmy wants her to bring the “feelin”. Can she loosen up and have fun?  Although a little off note in places, her tone is just beautiful.  I am not big on her moving all over, but at least she is off the center stage mark.  So the judges tell her the pitch was off.  Was this caused by her moving around too much per the mentors??  It has to be hard for these young performers as they try to apply everything they are being told.

I Knew You Were Waiting for Me will be sung by Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez.  Another good team.   They are doing Aretha proud.  This is really good and here comes our choral group again.  Yes.  Another standing ovation by our judges.  Has Randy worked on every song that is sung on this show?  Jennifer says this is a dream pairing.  Steven says “so fine”.

And yes, our other Christian performer, Colton Dixon, is up next.  I just love this guy.  I love the way he sings and I love that he shares his heart so deeply each week.  Colton Dixon works with his family’s face painting business.  He misses that.  He plans to sing a Cyndi Lauper song, Time After Time.  Gwen likes Colton and sings harmony with him.  I totally buy into this song.  I love the quality of his voice.  Great job Colton.  Steven feels he could record this right now.  Jennifer said the journey he took the audience on was great.  Randy says he is so current.  Everyone loved his drummer.

Here is Miss Skylar Laine  and we see her in action with her gun and four-wheeler.  Yikes, is she actually going to shoot something right here on tv?  The mentors first encourage her to sing Nine to Five but then they flip and vote for Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler.  I like that Skylar is singing this.  She looks very pretty and seems very at ease.  I hear a little of her country twang.  She has a bigger voice that I thought she had and she did a wonderful job on that ballad.  The judges stand again.  Randy says “wow”.  He says this is her best performance.  Jennifer is emotional.   She says America didn’t know Skylar could sing like that.  Steven loved it.

Well I have to say that this year’s group is just amazing.  The judges did such a great job in selecting the contestants this season.  That was fun.  I enjoyed being with you tonight.  Join us tomorrow evening as we blog American Idol and follow our sweet Christian artists, Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon in their quest for the title of American Idol.








  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Elise wasn’t right with that song, too bad, she has been great lately. Colton and Skylar did sound great together.

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