American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Results-Live

Last night was not the best night of American Idol Season 11Joshua Ledet was good, and even had some great moments, but he has been better.  Jessica Sanchez struggled with “My All” and Phil Phillips showed the limitations of his talent with “We’ve Got Tonight”.  I don’t know who will go home tonight.  I think it should be Phil but I think he is a lock for the finale.  Between Josh and Jessica, it seems the voting momentum would go Jessica’s direction with Hollie Cavanagh‘s departure. But an American Idol Season 11 finale without Joshua Ledet would be a crime.

Enough speculation, let’s suffer through the next 60 minutes to see what America has to say.

And we have another Ford video without Phil Phillips.  How many videos has he actually made this year?

What does Jimmy Iovine have to say about Joshua Ledet’s performances last night?  Jimmy did not like “Imagine” or “I’d Rather Go Blind” or “No More Drama”.  He thinks Joshua did the most with the material he had but it was not his best night.  Jimmy says Joshua Ledet should absolutely be in the American Idol Season 11 finale.

Next up for the Jimmy Iovine review is Jessica Sanchez. He thought she missed with “My All”.  He thought “It Don’t Mean A Thing” fell short.  Even with his own pick, “I’ll Be There” he thought she struggled.  Jimmy said Jessica Sanchez can sing on the Grammy’s but fell short of saying she should be in the finals.

Finally we learn what Jimmy has to say about Phil Phillip‘s performances last night.  Jimmy thinks “Beggin” demonstrates that Phillip’s sound is becoming less derivative. He described  “Disease” as a total snooze fest. Jimmy thinks Phillip won the night with “We’ve Got The Night”, that it was his best performance of the season.  Jimmy raved and raved and raved.

Time for some results.  Who is in the finale?  The first one in the final the finale is Jessica Sanchez. Joining her is Phil Phillips.  America blew it.




  1. Martin says:

    Wow. Fail! Joshua is incomparable, no doubt he will out sell the rest in his class. Thanks Chuck.

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