American Idol Season 11 Top 4 Results Live

One mind blowing performance last night, a few very good ones and some disappointments.  Go to our American Idol Season 11 top 4 performances report to share our live reactions.  I went back and watched the show last night and my opinions did not really change very much.  That does not mean the rest of the experts agree with me.  Some thought both Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez were amazing.  Some thought just Jessica and not Joshua, some thought Joshua and not Jessica set a new standard.  Pretty much everyone agreed that Phil Phillips was okay and that Hollie Cavanagh made some bad song choices but was treated unfairly by the judges.

If you have read any of our articles you know that we are thrilled by the soul sensibilities of Joshua Ledet.  I also know that not many people like or even appreciate the great soul music that erupted out of Memphis, Nashville and Muscle Shoals in the 60′s. However, last night Joshua Ledet summed up all that is great about traditional soul music.  The dynamics of his performance, the pace changes, the repressed roars and the not so repressed roars all combined to pay homage to Otis Redding, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, James Brown and all those greats from the sweaty R&B clubs.  I have not seen anyone in the music scene over the past 25 years that captures that energy and can deliver it with such unbridled talent.  Joshua Ledet is at the bottom of some of the voting prediction sites.  If he goes home tonight we will have lost the only original artist left on American Idol Season 11.

Now it is time to find out who gets a home town parade and who will quietly go home to start their music career for real.

David Cook will perform live and we will get a taped performance from Jennifer Lopez, but we really only care about the results.

Looks like Phil Phillips couldn’t make it to the Ford video shoot.  It is amazing how he has fought through illness all season to stay on American Idol Season 11.

First results already.  First up Phil Phillips. The screaming girls love them some Phil Phillips. Jimmy Iovine thinks Phil Phillips found his true voice last night. Phil Phillips’ fate has been kept secret by Ryan Seacrest.

Now we will not find out what happens to Hollie Cavanagh. Jimmy says Hollie crashed and burned last night, but we still don’t know what the 70 millions voters had to say.

David Cook’s new song “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” is pretty good. That could be a hit.

Now time to hear what Jimmy has to say about Joshua Ledet. Jimmy hated his version of “You Raise Me Up”, but Jimmy agrees that Joshua created the type of magic rarely seen on American Idol, with “It’s A Man’s World.”

Jessica Sanchez gets to take the trip across the stage to Ryan. Jimmy thought she was just putting on a show with “Steal Away”, but he loved the Dreamgirls song. Jimmy called it “shock and awe”.

Okay 12 minutes until the end of the show.  How is Ryan going to reveal the American Idol Season 11 top 3?

Who is safe?  Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet are having a parade. At least we know that the two best singers of American Idol Season 11 made it to the top3.  The final American Idol Season 11 parade will be for Phil PhillipsHollie Cavangh just could not put enough great performances together to make it all the way to the end, but it was a tremendous run.

Join us next week as we drive to the final of American Idol Season 11.


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