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New news about the American Idol Season 11 Top 5.  Tonight they will sing one song from the British music scene and one song from the 60′s. As we said in the our season 11 top 5 power rankings, the race to the finale is close and everyone needs to be great on every performance.  Joshua Ledet needs to continue to stay rooted in his ballad power while demonstrating versatility with an upbeat soul or pop number.  Skylar Laine needs to demonstrate her versatility without losing her country foundation.  We would like to see a little more growth from Phil PhillipsJessica Sanchez needs to create deeper emotional connections with her performances and with the audience and Hollie Cavanagh needs to have four straight mind blowing performances.

Expect a lot of music from the 60′s because that was the height of British pop music and, well, the other half of the theme is “songs from the 60′s”.  Little Steven of the E Street band and The Sopranos is the celebrity mentor tonight and we expect him to be very good.  Let’s jump in and enjoy some good music on British Week.

Hollie Cavanagh starts the night off with “River Deep, Mountain High”.  Hollie is stepping out.  Little Steven gives her a little punk advice.  This is a new, sassy, aggressive Hollie Cavanagh.  She is dancing and prancing around the stage like she is Tina Turner.  Oh by the way, she is throwing that big voice around like a bully on the school yard.  I love this Hollie Cavanagh! Yes, yes, yes.  That was her best performance of the season.  Stephen says “Thank you Lord”.  J-Lo says she could really feel her attack the song. Randy makes it unanimous- he loved it.  I agree with Randy-She wore it out.  Is Hollie Cavanagh attacking American Idol Season 11? Everybody better watch out!

Phil Phillips is singing “The Letter”.  This is a great song for Phil Phillips. Steven talks Jimmy our of his advice for Phil. Phil leads a big funky arrangement of this 50 year old song. I like his syncopated rhythms.  Very good Phil Phillips! No highlights but a lot of fun. Randy loved that Phil made it new for him. J-Lo says the song lacked melody but he is compelling to watch. Stephen missed the melody but says Phil pulls it off.  Kind of mixed reviews.  I had fun with it but I was not blown away.

Skylar Laine brings CCR’s “Fortunate Son” to the stage. Not he rorignial choice but Jimmy convinced her to sing it. I don’t know. Skylar Laine is so good that I enjoy every minute of every performance but I don’t think she really embraced these lyrics.  J-Lo says she attacks every single song.  Stephen says it was fabulous.  Randy says Skylar is born on the stage. The judges love her so much that they do not discuss her performance.  It was entertaining but not earth shattering.

This should be interesting. Joshua Ledet and Phil Phillips are performing a duet of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.  This should be interesting. I just lost a little respect for Joshua Ledet.  He had never heard of this song? Neither of them can sing the low parts of this duet. This is pretty bad. I will stop talking now.

Jessica Sanchez blows Little Stevens’ mind with “Proud Mary”. Feeling like I am in Vegas. She is singing the notes with aplomb but I just don’t feel the grit and raw energy of that song.  J-Lo loved her movement and her great voice.  Stephen is hearing the blues.  Randy thought Jessica’s performance was barely okay. I agree with Randy, but J-Lo does not.  I think Simon would have eviscerated Jessica Sanchez for that performance.

Now Joshua Ledet is looking for another standing ovation with “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.”  I don’t know.  Is there enough in this song for Joshua Ledet to ride.  It is mid-tempo Motown song without many big notes. Okay, so I was wrong. Where does he pull those notes from?  This guy is a STAR! Amazing. Stephen just calls Joshua one of the top 2 Idols of all time. J-Lo calls Joshua sick. Randy pulls out a Terence Trent-D’Arby reference and says Joshua could launch an R&B renaissance.

Round one goes to Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet.

Can Hollie Cavanagh keep her momentum with “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis.  Little Steven says to just sing it to one person and think about the audience. Who is the girl and what did she do with Hollie Cavanagh.  Another great, engrossing performance. Perfect timing and great performance dynamics and a huuuge note to put an exclamation point on the performance.  Hollie Cavanagh is fighting her way back onto American Idol Season 11.  Stephen it was beautiful. J-Lo says she had a breathtaking run at the end of the song.  Randy says it was unbelievably good and she was two for two tonight.  I love me some Hollie Cavanagh tonight.  Randy says she is peaking and I agree.

Now Phil Phillips interprets The Zombies’ “Time of The Season”. This song was one of the highlights of Blake Lewis’ American Idol run a few years ago. Phil Phillips tries to sing the melody and we discover why he has developed his unique performing style.  This singing is really not good.  I think I will use the word bad. I feel bad for Phil Phillips. It is going to take all of his charisma to survive this performance.  Randy uses the word great? Did I hear a completely performance and then finally called in “nice”. J-Lo says it was relaxed. Stephen says he sang it well. I cannot disagree more vehemently with the judges.  I thought that was one of the worst performances of American Idol Season 11.

The girls now sing “Higher and Higher”. This is pretty good.  Three big voices just letting themselves wail.  That was fun.

Time for Skylar Laine to make her mark tonight. She chooses “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”. That was perfect.  Skylae Laine wrang every bit of power and emotion out that song.  I love the way she tells the story of the song. Randy says it was perfect. J-Lo says Skylar Laine is winning the audience over and raves over her performance skills. Stephen says she brought that 60′s song into the 21st century.  No reason to send Skylar Laine home after that performance.

Jessica Sanchez is doing Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”.  The judges worry that the song is too and pretty.  Jessica Sanchez just proved she can sing a song without making a run out of every verse and it was beautiful.  That was so restrained and controlled and quiet that it pulled us all onto the stage with her.  This was maybe her best performance of the season. The judges just loved it.  I just loved it too. That was amazing.

Joshua Ledet finishes the evening with “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees.  I am without words to describe the joy of watching the birth of this great singing talent and superstar performer.  Joshua Ledet just put every other performance tonight in it place– behind him.  Of course the judges leap to their feet.  Randy says wow.  Randy says you have to be born to do what Joshua Ledet just did.  Randy says Joshua Ledet is one of the best singers ever on American idol.  J-Lo says he is one of the best singer of the past 50 years.  Stephen says that would be a hit record today.

Join us tomorrow night to watch the crime of sending someone home after a night like this.



  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Hollie is wonderful tonight..this has been a good show..I’m over losing Colton finally.

  2. Jim Richardson says:

    Philip should get voted off.. You have 4 powerhouse singers than him.

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