American Idol Season 11 Top 5 Results Live Blog

Last night was a fulcrum for American Idol Season 11.  Most of my colleagues at online publications agree that tonight’s results will tell us a lot about the American Idol Season 11 finale.  The consensus online is two fold.  First of all, Hollie Cavanagh was amazing last night and could be on one of those big American Idol turnarounds that we seem to see every season.  Secondly, Phil Phillips was pretty bad.  Most of us agree that his “Time of The Season” was one of the worst performances on American Idol this year.

What does all of this mean?  First, if Hollie Cavanagh can avoid the bottom two tonight, we must consider her a threat for the American Idol Season 11 finale.  I never thought I would say that.  Then, if Phil Phillips survives tonight we should consider him a likely candidate for the finale.  If Phil Phillips is not in the bottom two tonight I think Phil Phillips is the favorite to win American Idol Season 11.

All of that just distracts from the amazing show Christian musician Joshua Ledet put on last night with “To Love Somebody”.  His dynamic, gut wrenching interpretation of that Bee Gee’s song blew Little Steven away, left Jimmy Iovine speechless, and slayed the judges.  Each week we worry if Joshua Ledet has peaked too soon, if he can match the wonder of his previous performances and each week he raises the bar higher.  As good as the American Idol Season 11 group has been, Joshua Ledet has no peer.

Christian musician Skylar Laine did not soar as high as Joshua Ledet but she did amaze us all with her versatility and singing prowess.  Jessica Sanchez once again delivered amazing vocals into flat performances.

We expect to see Jessica Sanchez and Phil Phillips in the bottom two tonight, but the time for speculation has ended and it is time to find out who goes home on American Idol Season 11.

Coldplay and Carrie Underwood are in the American Idol house tonight.

We jump right into the results with Joshua Ledet. Five minutes in, that must be a record. Wow, JimmyIovine called “To Love Somebody” the best performance on American Idol Season 11. Joshua Ledet wants to make records that speak to people.  Joshua Ledet is safe. It is amazing that Joshua Ledet remains so humble and soft spoken in the wake of this overwhelming adulation.

More results now with Hollie Cavanagh and Phil Phillips.  We will learn a lot right now. Who’s it gonna be? Jimmy Iovine says Phil Phillips has been coasting. I agree. Hollie Cavanagh is in the bottom two and Phillip is safe.  Guess what that says.  Phil Phillips is an American Idol juggernaut.

Who’s it gonna be? Jessica Sanchez or Skylar Laine? Jimmy says Jessica Sanchez‘s “You Are So Beautiful” was spectacular. Jessica Sanchez is safe and Skylar Laine is in the bottom two again.  I am not happy about this.

Both of these girls look mortified. Tonight we lose Skylar Laine.  That is a travesty. We have lost the two best stage performers too early.  Both Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon deserved to go deeper into American Idol Season 11.

Join us this weekend when publish our American Idol Season 11 top 4 power rankings.




  1. Jim Richardson says:

    where did you find that Skylar was a Christian? I never wouild have known it by her song choices. I wish she would stayed over Philip. I agree, I think he wins if he wasn’t in the bottom 2 after that horrible night. The streak of white guys playing guitars winning goes on.

  2. chuck says:

    She pretty blatantly said it in her bio on the American Idol website and has praised God several times on the show. Sometimes you get good Christian musicians singing questionable country songs.

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