Free Download: The Walking Tree – Glorious

Post-Hardcore. Most people dont even really know what the word means, but when a band that normally write metal and hardcore songs come together and write a album with melody and atmosphere while still respecting their hardcore mentalities, then that is post hardcore…..

Well, that is what The Walking Tree is, at times reminding me of Sunny Day Real Estate, at others Copeland. No matter what spectrum of their influences they are indulging, the band handles their songs like 10 year pros, alowing their songs to drive forward while adding small things here and there to keep it fresh.

Im really digging The Walking Tree, and I think you will too.

Download Glorious by The Walking Tree for free through Come&Live!


  1. earthseedz says:

    This album is incredible. I am still listening to this, daily, despite downloading it a few months ago!!

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