Free Download: Josh Garrels – Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes

It has been a little over a year since Josh Garrels released his masterpiece (and our album of the year in 2011), Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. He called it “Year of Jubilee”.

Well now we have turned over a new year, and in his fashion, Garrels has decided to give away another group of awesome songs.

For months I’ve been secretly collaborating with a few artists, mixing in my studio, and working to bring you a little something new. Introducing, “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes”! 4 of the songs are remixes of tracks previously heard on “Love & War & The Sea In Between“, and the other 4 previously unheard songs on the EP are additional content from last year’s 18 song epic. Listen to Aaron Strumpel, Kye Kye, and Mason Jar Music rework and re-imagine some familiar songs, while also hearing something new.


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