Free Download: Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship

Every now and then our buddies at Indie Vision Music put together some pretty amazing compilations that feature tons of great music. They have been around for a while, so normally when when do one of these, they do it HUGE. This one is no different. Over 20 artist make up this awesome sampling of what is happening in worship music today.

Indie Vision Music Presents: Passionate Hope Vol. 2, the second release in our ongoing series that seeks to share great independent worship with people who may not neccessarily connect with the more commercial aspects of modern “worship”.

Our name pretty much says it all in terms of focus here at the site and that is what we intend to do with this and most of our other compilations. Keep the attention on independent artists who struggle to get their message of hope out to the masses among a crowded music scene. Many of these artists aren’t working with big budgets or a marketing team (yes, even us). We do this all DIY on the ground level, hustling through word of mouth, social media links and other website promotions to build up “hype” for these downloads (‘hype’ might not be the appropriate word to use around ‘worship’ but you know what I mean). “Passionate Hope Vol. 2” will be posted on Indie Vision Music “as is” meaning we will not tinker with the sound or “master” it at all. We just want it to sound natural, honest, and stay true to what these artists compose.

Artists include Ascend The Hill, My Epic, The Violent Burning, Miss Angie, and a ton more. Enjoy

Download Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship from Indie Vision Music

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