Free Download: White Collar Sideshow – The WitcHunt

Im super stoked to present to you the second release of our good friends in White Collar Sideshow called The WitcHunt. Now if you dont know who (or what) White Collar Sidshow is, they humbly descibe themselves as ….a vaudevillian feel with a horror movie twist. An original movie plays on stage and two drummers & the faceless woman (playing bass in a 9 foot go-go cage) provide the live soundtrack. The videos take you through the mind of an addict while the live characters draw in the crowd for a truly memorable Shock Rock experience..

For the last 4 years, they have been touring the country performing the original sideshow, and after almost 6 months away, they have returned with their most ambitious outing to date: a brand new album that is the soundtrack a brand new original film that appears in the band’s performances. It is not too far of a stretch to say that White Collar Sideshow in faith music’s first shock and awe group. Keep that in mind as you watch the trailer for The WitcHunt below.

If you are intrigued, you should be. If you are a little scared, that is normal. If you are appalled, then I would suggest digging deeper into this group before you make final judgments. For all their theatrics, White Collar Sideshow exists to help people deal with their hidden horrors by relying on God and being honest with who they are. I have personally seen hundreds of lives changed through their unique and powerful show, and Im sure you wont feel in different if you are ever able to experience The WitcHunt

Download The WitcHunt by White Collar Sideshow on Come&Live!

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