American Idol Season 12- Boys In Hollywood

American Idol Season 12‘s Hollywood week was a dismal mess for the boys.  This year American Idol has split Hollywood Week into a boys week and and a girl’s week.  The American Idol producers also selected the groups and gave the performers a list of about 20 songs.  Keith Urban and I are shocked that the performers did not know songs such as “Standing In The Shadows (Of Love)”, “I’ll Be There” or “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”.  How could any musician not know these Motown and Beach Boy staples. The group performances were mostly bad and the judges inexplicably passed numerous performers through who forgot lyrics, pitch and melody.  I don’t understand what happened last night.

We started our coverage of American Idol Season 12 on Monday by introducing five Christian musicians. Curtis Finch Jr, Johnny Keyser and Lazaros Arbos received about as much screen time as anyone last night.  Curtis Finch Jr shined in his group when their version of “Lazy Song” brought the judges to their feet (yes, Nikki Mani stood).  However, Curtis’s comments about his socialy challenged partner, Charlie Askew, did not demonstrate much charity.

Lazaro Arbos struggled with his group as well.  His background in Cuba limited his musical knowledge and his severe stutter made it difficult for him to work with his team.  However, when he sang “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” it was pretty magical.  Unfortunately, two members from his group were eliminated and they seemed to blame their elimination on Lazaro.

That brings us to Johnny Keyser, who somehow survived the group round even though he forgot all of the words to “I’ll Be There”.  I think American Idol may be trying to make up for eliminating Johnny last year. Johnny Keyser better step it up tonight or he may be out of second chances.

Keep your eyes open for these four Christian musicians singing tonight on American Idol Season 12, boys in Hollywood.

Vincent Powell

This Austin-based worship leader wowed the American Idol Season12 judges with his version of “Rock Me Baby.”  Vincent Powell has extensive professional singing experience (Whitney Houston, Kim Burrel and others). Vincent was part of the Four Tones, one of the few highlights on the show last night and his acapalla performance caused me write his name down.

David Willis

David Willis is another worship leader, he is from Eustis, Florida.  If you check out the Four Tones video above you will see him rock the house with some crazy high notes. However, David is also part of the Americana tinged duo, David and Olivia, with his wife. He is a singer/songwriter with a guitar.  Could David Willis give us a twist on the run of WGWG winners on American Idol?

Josh Holiday

We did not see much of Celeste, Texa native Josh Holiday during part one of American Idol Season 12 Hollywood week.  However, Josh has sang for Dolly Parton and the VPOTUS.  Josh attended Belmont University as Joshua Eric Wright and then changed his name to Josh Holiday. Let’s hope we see a glimpse of Josh tonight.

Devin Velez

We have not seen much of the red-headed singer on American Idol Season 12.  However, his group was featured last night when they decided to perform “Payphone” a capella.  There are numerous videos of Davin Velez singing in church and signing contemporary Christian music with his guitar, but he really stood out from his group.  Keep an eye out for Devin Velez.

Check back with us on Monday when we will give you a few girls to watch on American Idol Season 12.



  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Thanks for starting this up again! I agree..Curtis Finch left me really sad the way he came across..horrible witness.

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