American Idol Season 12-Hollywood Girls

Well, the American Idol Season 12 boys finished their work in Hollywood.  However, the American Idol judges did not quite meet their goals for Hollywood week. There are 28 guys left after Hollywood week, we were supposed to be down to 20 by now.  So after the girls finish this week, the judges will work overtime to find eight more guys to send home. Of the remaining 28 guys we have been able to identify seven Christian musicians:

  • Curtis Finch Jr
  • Johnny Keyser
  • Vincent Powell
  • Josh Holiday
  • Devin Veliz
  • Lazaros Arbos
  • David Willis

Okay American Idol Season 12 girls, wow us in ways the boys did not.  We need drama during group night and we need begging after your individual performances.  Mostly, though cut loose and wow us with some dynamic performances.  We have already identified two female Christian musicians: Rachel Hale and Candice Glover. Watch for Candice and Rachel plus these other Christian musicians on American Idol Season 12.

Amber Holcomb

Amber Holcomb is high school senior from Shepherd, Texas. She was eliminated in Las Vegas during American Idol Season 11Amber Holcomb is one of those girls who seem to excel at everything in high school. She leads the high school drill team (so she can dance), stars on the track team (so you can’t catch her),  is homecoming royalty (so she has a winning personality) andis the youth group president of her church. The American Idol Season 12 girls better watch out.  She is inspired by Carrie Underwood, Fantasia and Jordin Sparks.  We haven’t seen much of Amber Holcomb on American Idol Season 12 so we hope to get a glimpse of her during Hollywood Week.

Angela Miller

Angela Miller stormed onto American idol Season 12 with her stunning versions of “Mamma Knows Best”. The American Idol judges were lured in by Angela’s hearing loss but were knocked out of their judges’ chairs by her scorching vocals. Angela’s parents Several sites have already highlighted Angela Miller as on of the early favorites to win American Idol Season 12.

Jenny Beth Willis

Jenny Beth Willis is an Owensboro, Kentucky teenager who has been active in the Kentucky country music scene for years with her band Straight Laced. They were Kentucky State Finalists in the Colgate Country Showdown, where they performed their original song, “Purple Heart.” She will bring a strong country vibe to American Idol Season 12.

Check back with us on Thursday when we will give you our final run down of the Christian musicians performing on American Idol Season 12.

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