American Idol Season 12- Las Vegas

One21music covers Christian musicians performing on American Idol Season 12.  We had an exciting and frustrating new twist last week and we were not here to discuss.  I apologize.  Our site was under lockdown for maintenance and we could not post.  We are back now and we will be here all season.


American Idol Season 12 top 5 guys vegasamerican idol top 5 girls vegasLast week American Idol Season 12 took us into the world of live audience sudden death performances. While the decision to eliminate performers after only half of them performed is a little frustrating, I like the format.  Over last week and this, we will be able to finally see all of the performers.  For the most part, I agree with the first 10 selected to go to the live show.  I was, and always am, surprised how some of the performers such as JDA and Chris Watson stumbled in their moves to the big stage.

Of the first 10 selected for America’s vote, five are Christian musicians.  Amber Holcomb, Angela Miller, Tenna Torres, Curtis Finch Jr and Devin Velez have all openly expressed their faith.  Angela Miller, Curtis Finch Jr and Devin Velez have all received substantial airplay during the auditions and Hollywood week.

Even last Tuesday, during the live performances, the judges were still raving about Angela Miller’s original song, “You Set Me Free”, which she performed during Hollywood Week.  Here’s why:

However, Amber Holcomb burst forth with the best performance of the week.  Here is 18 year old Amber Holcomb singing “My Funny Valentine”:

After the first week of American Idol Season 12 Las Vegas performances, here are my power rankings:

  1. Angela Miller
  2. Amber Holcomb
  3. Devin Velez
  4. Kree Harrison
  5. Adriana Latoni
  6. Curtis Finch Jr
  7. Tenna Torres
  8. Elijah Liu
  9. Paul Jolley
  10. Charlie Askew

This week American Idol Season 12 picks the final 10 performers to hand over to America for their votes.  The guys will perform first this week and then the ladies will perform on Thursday.  It will be interesting to see if the final 10 guys and final 10 ladies learned anything from last week’s performances.

Watch for these five Christian musicians performing on Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol Season 12: David Willis, Burnell Taylor, Vince Powell, Lazaro Arbos and Josh Holiday.  Based on what I have seen, I will be surprised if Burnell Taylor and Vince Powell do not make it to America’s vote.

On Thursday night American Idol Season 12 will feature seven Christian musicians performing live.  Aubrey Cleland, Jett Hermano, Rachel Hale, Cristabel Clack, Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover and Breanna Steer will compete to get to America’s vote.  Candice Glover has been the vocal stand out of this group so far, while country singer Janelle Arthur has been receiving as much face time as anyone on American Idol Season 12.

Join us this time next week as we preview the American Idol Season 12 Top 20 so you can get prepared to vote.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    wow..lot’s of Christian girls going now! I agree with your top 4 from last week. Tenna was the one I didn’t think should have gone through but nice to see she’s a believer.

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