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Now that Super Bowl XLVII is past us, it is time for the real competition to begin. American Idol Season 12 is upon us and One21music is here to cover all the tears and the triumphs.  Now is the time for for soaring vocals, triumphant performances, epic fails, sobbing exits.  The Super Bowl of talent shows (er, I mean singing competitions), American Idol Season 12 has already begun and, this week, heads into high gear .

After four years of frustrating results (white guys with guitars), a new panel of suspect judges and potentially fading influence, we thought long and hard about covering American Idol Season 12.  However, after watching the audition shows, we just cannot help ourselves.  We like Nikki Manij as a judge, Christian musician Keith Urban grew over the auditions road show and it is fun to watch Mariah Carey in her most gracious divaness. We have seen some terrific singers in Baton Rogue, San Antonio, New York and the other audition cities.

If you are new to the One21music world, we are dedicated to highlighting great music created by Christian musicians (see our Mission).  Head over to our “Artist Search” page to look for great music in just about any genre you can imagine.  In Keeping with the One21music mission, our American Idol coverage highlights Christian musicians competing on American idol Season 12. We cover all of the performers and we revel in all of the great performances, but we try to identify and highlight the Christian musicians on American Idol Season 12, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.  Over the past four years we have seen some terrific Christian Musicians on American IdolChristian musicians Scott McCreary (S10) and Kris Allen (S8) won American Idol.  Our favorite Christian musicians that made it into the American Idol Top 10 are Joshua Ledet (S11), Colton Dixon (S11), Lauren Alaina (S10), Skylar Laine (S11), Danny Gokey (S8) and Jacob Lusk (S9).

Look for us on Mondays for a preview of the coming week’s American Idol Season 12 performances and then on Thursdays for a review of American Idol Season 12 performances and a prediction for that week’s eliminations. If you want more immediate reactions from us during Wednesday night performance shows, follow us on twitter @TheOne21Music.

We head into Hollywood Week on Wednesday and then on to Las Vegas before the American Idol Season 12 Top 20 perform live on March 5th and 6th. Over the next few weeks I will reveal some Christian musicians to watch in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Here are five Chrsitian Musicans to watch in Hollywood:

Curtis Finch Jr

Curtis Finch Jr known simply as CJ in the gospel music scene is a very accomplished and spirited Gospel and Classical singer. Curtis Finch Jr has shared the stage with Gospel greats such as Dottie Peoples, Donnie McClurkin and Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, to name a few. His classical training has lead him to many awards as well as regional recognition.

Watch Curtis Finch Jr take the judges to Church in Chicago.

Rachel Hale

Rachel Hale is the twenty-one-year-old daughter of Gene and Kim Hale of Prescott, Arkansas. She is a 2009 graduate of the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts in Hot Springs, Arkansas and currrently as student at Belmont University. Rachel hale traveled all the way to Long Beach, Ca to blow the judges away with her soulful belting of “People Get Ready” and her infectous cheer.

Learn more about Christian musician Rachel Hale in this interview that aired the day after her audition aired.

Lazaro Arbos

Cuban-born Lazaro Arbos scoops ice cream for a living but has big dreams of performing. In Chicago we learned that the Christian musician  has the voice of an angel when he sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  We also learned that Lazaro Arbos has a pronounced stammer when he speaks. His parents, Gisela Andraca and Reinaldo Arbos, explained that the speech impediment began at age 6 and that they tried therapy, but it hasn’t worked.

Watch Lazaro Arbos bring the judges to tears in his American Idol Season 12 audition.

Candice Glover

It looks like the third time may be the right time for Christian musician Candice Glover.  After exiting American Idol Season 9 in the Top 60 and an inexplicable elimination during the American Idol Season 11 Las Vegas group round Candice Glover delivered the best audition to American Idol Season 12.  Her soaring, growling, stomping version of “Syrup and Honey” caused me to leap to my feet with with Randy and Mariah.  Check it out here, but be warned.  You will need some privacy because you will woop and make that Jennifer Lopez stinky face.

Johnny Keyser,/h3>

What happened in American Idol Season11 Christian musician Johnny Keyser was also dropped in Las Vegas in another shocking elimination. Johnny had been the face of American Idol Season 11 previews and throughout the audtions.  His surfer boy good looks, soulful voice and performance instincts made him a shoe-in for the Season 11 finals.  Then he was gone. Since getting the boot in 2011, Johnny’s moved to Nashville, released his 7-track EP entitled Where I Stand, which hit #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 and then walked into the Chicago auditions to re-assert himself as a front runner for American Idol Season 12.

Check out Johnny Keyser‘s stunning version of the Otis Redding classic “Try a Little Tenderness” at the Chicago auditions.  As an added bonus, watch to the end of the video for the Chicago version of “Diva Wars”, starring Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj.

It is time for American Idol Season 12 Hollywood Week.  Watch for these guys and check back in with us on Thursday when we will feature another group of Christian musicians performing on American Idol Season 12.


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