Free Download: Alert312 – Of Vice & Virtue

After altering their roster a bit, redefining their sound, and adding onto their name, Alert (now Alert312) have emerged once again with a mix of intense lyricism and organically crafted beats. Similar to 2011′s Red Opus .45 EP, Alert focuses on creating their music using real instruments, and that tradition continues as they strip their sound down a bit an rely on mainly on percussion to drive their songs.

I loved their EP, and have been happily surprised about how the group have evolved their skills on their debut full length. Check out the video below then go download the album for free over at Humble Beast. On that thought, can we just go ahead and acknowledge that Humble Beast is becoming the only real game in town in the Hip-Hop-that-is-amazing category?

Download Of Vice & Virtue by Alert312 at Humble Beast

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