American Idol Season 12-Time for America’s Votes

American-Idol-2013-JudgesThank you American Idol Season 12 judges. We will take it from here.  We are a little disappointed that we will not see David Wilcox, Isabella or Johnny Keyser again, but hey, we have enough to choose from.  One thing is for sure in American Idol Season 12, if you are a guy and you showed a guitar, you are gone.  We can live with that.

This week, America speaks.  We will take this group of aspiring superstars and select the 10 we will go see on the American Idol Season 12 tour.  Twelve Christian musicians have made it to this point.  If everyone sees these performers they way I do, we could have as many 7 or 8 Christian musicians on the American Idol Season 12 tour.

From last week’s performances, Burnell Taylor emerged as a favorite. If America embraces his jazz influenced singing style he looks like a Top 5 finisher.  He looks great after losing 40 pounds, has a compelling back story and is extremely likable. Oh yeah, he is a very good singer.

Then there was Vincent Powell who delivered a singing clinic in Las Vegas. As Mariah said, “finally, period”.  I would have Vincent Powell rated higher if his style was a little more modern.  If he gets through the craziness of this week, I think we will see a run from him like we saw from Joshua Ledet last year.

After the first week of American Idol Season 12 Las Vegas performances, here are my power rankings:

  1. Angela Miller
  2. Burnell Taylor
  3. Amber Holcomb
  4. Vincent Powell
  5. Devin Velez
  6. Kree Harrison
  7. Candice Glover
  8. Adriana Latoni
  9. Aubrey Cleland
  10. Cortez Shaw
  11. Curtis Finch Jr
  12. Breanna Steer
  13. Tenna Torres
  14. Nick Boddington
  15. Janelle Arthur
  16. Elijah Liu
  17. Zoanette Johnson
  18. Lazaro Arbos
  19. Paul Jolley
  20. Charlie Askew

Tuesday night we will watch 10 performers sing (probably the females) and then Wednesday night the second 10 will perform.  On Thursday night, Ryan Seacrest will announce the results of America’s votes when the American Idol Season 12 finalists are revealed.

Check in with us on Thursday morning as I rate the performances and make some predictions.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    Angie and Amber were awesome tonight!

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