American Idol Season 12 Top 4 Power Rankings

It  was a little surprising that the American Idol  judges let their “save” lie dormant Season 12 because they now have a scheduling issue.  There are not enough shows to make it to the Season 12 finale on May 16th.  I am glad they let Janelle Arthur go.  To use the save on a talented singer who had no chance to win Season 12 would have been disingenuous.   They have a programming problem to solve, but maybe a little more integrity.


We still believe Kree Harrison will win American Idol Season 12.  Watch her suck up most of Janelle Arthur‘s voters this week.  Some, who were drawn to Janelle’s performing personality more than her country roots, may gravitate to Angie Miller.  However, the most popular genre for American Idol voters is country and Kree Harrison has that all to herself.

American Idol Season 12 Top 4 Power Rankings

1) Candice Glover- Really, is there any question? The only reason Candice Glover does not win American Idol Season 12 will be because of genre popularity or audience connectivity. Since we started covering American Idol in Season 7, we have not seen a performer with the combination of pure singing talent, artistry and performance instincts. When we look at the best performances of Season 12 Candice Glover has delivered “I (Who Have Nothing)”, “Love Song”, “What About Me”, “Don’t Make Me Over” and “I’m Going Down”. That is an outstanding run that is buoyed by her consistency. The worst you can say about Candice Glover is that she had a few weeks in a row when she just sang spectacularly but did not blow our minds with her arrangements.

2) Angie Miller- She did what she does best this week.  Angie Miller took the emotions of the tragedy in her hometown and took the audience to Church with “I’ll Stand by angie-miller american idol season 12 top 4You.”  Then she bettered her first performance with “Halo”.  Angie Miller is a threat to win American Idol Season 12.  She has had her share of show stopping performances when you add last week to “Love Came Down”  and “Never Gone”.  However, Angie goes through periods where she seems to be trying to win American Idol Season 12 rather that allowing her artistry to flow.  Angie Miller‘s lack of consistency puts her American Idol run at risk.

3) Kree Harrison- This was a bad week for Kree Harrison and she landed in the bottom two. She has delivered week after week of vocal clinics but has yet to knock the audience off of their feet.  Her American Idol run is starting to remind me of Melinda Doolittle‘s. Kree Harrison is a great singer but is she a star?

Kree Harrison has the inside shot to win American Idol Season 12 because she now owns the country voting block.  However, where are the country songs?  Kree Harrison has sang one country song in the last six weeks.  For Kree Harrison to solidify her voting block she needs to go to Nashville and fly her country flag.

4) Amber Holcomb- She delivered her best performance of Season 12 with the Amber Holcomb version of “Waht Are You Doing With The rest of You Life”.  Amber Holcomb is a fearless singer but she has yet to develop her artistic vocabulary.  Her best performances have been old school ballads and her voice and phrasing are more Madeleine Peyroux that Rhianna.  Despite her good looks and edgy fashion style, Amber Holcomb is not contemporary enough to win American Idol Season 12.

We are down to the final stretch and three of the top 4 are Christian musicians how produce their own music with this great studio monitors to consider for any musician.  I am anxious to see how the American Idol producers will solve their scheduling shortfall.  However, I am even more excited to see the Top four perform this week’s theme: “One Hit Wonders” and “Free Choice”.  I hope we will hear some country from Kree Harrison of some more Christian music from Angie Miller.  I am really excited to see what Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb will bring.  Join us on Thursday morning as we review the performances.


  1. Jim Richardson says:

    I’m hoping they just let the top 4 have 2 weeks on singing and combine the votes to get back on track

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