American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Power Rankings

American Idol Season 12 Top 3Time for a little rant about American Idol Season 12.  How can anyone watch this show week in and week out and have a top 3 without Candice Glover?  How can America vote a top 3 that includes Lazaro Arbos?  I have questioned all season that Lazaro should not be in the top 20, the top 10, etc.  I know that America’s votes are fickle and unpredictable but this is a travesty.

However, I am less upset with America than I am with the American Idol  judges.  Keith Urban, Nikki Manaj and Randy Jackson all had top 3′s that excluded Candice GloverCandice Glover‘s “I (Who Have Nothing)” is the high point of the live shows.  Every duet or trio has been dominated by Candice Glover. Every week Candice Glover has been one of the best singers.  Sometimes you see things that are so perplexing that you must question the honesty of what is being said.

American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Power Rankings

1) Candice Glover- We can only hope that this week’s shocking exclusion of Candice Glover from everyone’s top 3 and the elimination of Burnell Taylor will light a new fire in Candice Glover. She has sang exceptionally well week after week, but she has seemed to fall into a complacency of easy song selections. Let’s hope she now digs deeper and begins a six week mission to wring amazement from each and every song she selects. We know Candice Glover can sing rock and pop but it is now time to turn this season into her own personal gospel and soul revue.  Say goodbye to Burnell Taylor and watch Candice Glover strut her stuff with”The Letter”

2) Kree Harrison- She continues a high level march through American Idol Season 12. Kree Harrison is the best country singer singing to an audience that prefers country. She has performed well each week but her performances have been devoid of peaks and valleys. Kree Harrison has yet to amaze us. That could hurt her in the end.

3) Angie Miller- She has had peaks and valleys. After an astonishing start Angie Miller had suffered through several weeks of perplexing, overwrought missteps. Will this week’s “Bring Life To Me” start her comeback. Angie Miller needs six weeks of deep, heartfelt performances of songs she cares about. And for heavens sakes, get back to your piano Angie Miller.

4) Janelle Arthur- This was not an amazing week for Janell Arthur and she wound up in the bottom two. She needs to wow America each week with her personality and her depth as a performer. Janelle Arthur can make it to the American Idol Season 12 top 3, but it will be because she surprises America each week with amazing arrangements and show stopping performances.

5)Amber Holcomb- I do not how Amber Holcomb is on three of the judges top 3. She is a beautiful singer and has been very daring in her arrangements. However, I have yet to be excited by any of her performances. She seems to struggle with up paced songs. Even this week, she technically performed a rock ballad and she has struggled in fast paced group numbers.

6) Lazaro Arbos- What can I say? Lazaro Arbos struggles to maintain melody and pitch in his performances and he regularly forgets lyrics. At this point we should be hearing interesting song arrangements and commanding stage presence. Instead we get roller coaster vocal performances that we are all grateful he finishes.  As we move into the first week to double solo performances, expect Lazaro Arbos to struggle mightily.  American Idol Season 12 is too big for Lazaro Arbos.

Will we have an all girl top 5 in American Idol Season 12? Will the judges use their save this week?  I bet we have one or the other.  American Idol Season 12 will have two solo performances this week.  The first theme is “Burt Bacharach/Hal David Songbook”.  The second theme is “Songs You Wish You Wrote”. Both of these themes provide the best artists a full range of possibilities.  These themes should favor Angie Miller and should give Candice Glover room to bring the gospel.


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    yup, it’s wide open for another Christian song for Angie.

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