American Idol Season 12 Top 3 Power Rankings

We are now in the final days of American Idol Season 12. It was a season that started with great promise and has featured some of the all time greatest American Idol performances.  However, achingly bad themes and a dysfunctional judges panel have taken the show to some of its all time lowest ratings.  It is a shame really.  The American Idol Season 12 top5 was the best I have ever seen. Except for the over extended stay by Lazaro Arbos, the results went about how they should have.

Now comes the hard part. Angie Miller, Candice Glover or Kree Harrison all could rightfully win American Idol Season 12. Each of them have the talent to develop strong a career.  All three of these ladies are superb singers with unique artistic visions.  I personally like this top 3 better than any I have seen.

American Idol Season 12 Top 3 Performance Rankings

Candice Glover American Idol 12 top 3

1) Candice Glover- I did not see Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood on American Idol.  With that said, Candice Glover has had the best season I have ever seen on American Idol.  Her lowest lows are at least comparable to most of Kree Harrison‘s performances.  Her bests are better than Angie Miller‘s greatest moments. Even the best duets and group performances featured Candice Glover. When I put together the list of best performances on American Idol Season 12, Candice Glover will dominate over half of that list.  Candice Glover combines a tremendous voice, with uncanny artistry and a personal vulnerability that enabled her to live in each performance with authenticity. She should win American Idol Season 12.

AngieMIller American Idol 12 top 3

2) Angie Miller- When Angie Miller loses herself in her songs, it is magical.  She has had some of the most moving performances of  American Idol Season 12. Angie Miller is a great singer, a moving piano player and a song writer.  Angie Miller has tremendous potential with two ready made markets.  She has a clear niche in the pop/rock world of Jesse J, Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks. It seems her heart leans toward Christian music, so she also has a clear market in the CCM world of Colton Dixon, Brooke Fraser or Kari Jobe Angie Miller has been the most inconsistent of the top 3.  Her theatrical background has caused her to slip into over dramatization at times and her competitive spirit has caused her to occasionally lose sight of performance in service of competing. We also provide a mobile app to hear your favorite music –

Kree Harrison American Idol 12 top 3

3) Kree Harrison- The American Idol Season 12 country queen has had a perplexing season. She possess a wonderful voice and a clear sense of song.  She has been the most consistent performer of the entire show and therein lies the issue.  Kree Harrison has spent the season delivering wonderful performance after wonderful performance.  However, she has not been able to break through to create show stopping connections with the audience. Her season has been marvelous but we would have liked to have seen a few fireworks.  The second enigma is her refusal to sing country songs.  Kree Harrison has the largest voting block locked up.  She is the only one close to country and probably could win with just that vote.  However, she has sung only two country songs the entire season.  I think Kree Harrison squandered an opportunity to make American Idol Season 12 a runaway.

Who Will Win American Idol Season12?

This week will be the hardest week as we will lose a performer that deserves to win.  I clearly think Candice Glover should win American Idol Season12.  As I said above, I think she is one of the greatest performers to ever compete on American Idol.  With that said, where does her popularity come from?  Candice Glover is more of a throwback to the 60′s soul of Aretha Franklin and Mavis StaplesSharon Jones and Macy Gray are good contemporaries, but that are not mainstream.  If Candice Glover, receives the bulk of Amber Holcomb‘s voting block then I think she makes the final.  If those votes go to Angie Miller, I think Candice Glover goes home on Thursday.

Angie Miller has never been in the bottom two.  If she performs her Hollywood original song “Set Me Free” she should make it to the finale. That song is truly magical and will be a hit record in 2014.  If Angie Miller receives the bulk of Amber Holcomb‘s votes, she not only makes it to the finals, she wins American Idol Season 12.

Kree Harrison should be a shoe-in for the finale and I think she will be there.  However, if she is going to win American Idol Season 12, I think she needs to put on her cowboy boots and inspire her country voting block to come out in a big way.  I think voters for Angie Miller and Candice Glover will migrate to whoever, of those two,  is left, so Kree Harrison needs to bring the country vote in a big way.

Be sure to watch on Wednesday night when these three will each sing a song picked by Jimmy Iovine, one selected by the judges and one of their personal choice.



  1. Mary says:

    The sad part of American idol is The Voice will be aired the same nights and the Voice has better contestants and better judges. This year, the American idol judges have no excuse for a lame sho but to blame themselves. Harry connick jr recognized how the judges did not put any effort into what is the best for the contestants.

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