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A Hope For Home began as an emotional outlet for a group of friends during a season of loss and has blossomed into a vivacious and dedicated project. The band, known for their richly woven musical textures, deftly combine electronic beats with live drums and metal-influenced guitars with the warmth of synthesizers. A Hope For Home signed with Facedown Records in November 2009 after releasing The Everlasting Man on Strike First Records.

It was their second album following 2007's Here, The End, both of which were produced and mixed by bassist Dan McCall at his studio in Camas, WA. The 9 tracks from The Everlasting Man weave through warm organic textures like those on "The Covenant," then meet up with electronic beats and synthesizers on "Absolution:Of Flight and Failure," only to end up at their heaviest and darkest material yet, heard in "Babylon:The Insatiable Thirst" and "Iniquity:An Offering."

The concept behind their new album, Realis, consists of two parts: “The first half [of the album] is dark and hopeless and bleak. It’s from the perspective of a man living in a world with no meaning, based around the Nietzsche quote ‘God is dead.’ The second half of the record shows the man building his beliefs from the ground up. Our goal is to address all the doubts/questions/realizations that everyone has because it’s unrealistic to paint the picture that everything is good all the time.”

At the end of the day, A Hope For Home strives to bridge the gap between a professional production and the individual by connecting through passionate live music. Their growth and change is evident at every performance and serves as a reminder that underground music can still be inspirational.

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Album Title Year Label
Here, The End2007Independent
The Everlasting Man2008Strike First Records
Realis2010Facedown Records





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