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Abandon Kansas is a four piece indie rock outfit from Wichita, Kansas.

If you ask Jeremy Spring, frontman for Abandon Kansas, what it is that motivates he and his band, you may be shocked at the answer. And in the answer to this question lies the very thing that sets his band apart from the endless parade of fame-seekers in this industry:

“As far as long term goals, none of us have any desire to be rich and famous. If we can keep connecting with people through music then we'll be content. There are way too many bands out there already so we're trying to make what we do a little bigger than music.”

“We don?t just write songs about love or breakups, or the cliche? things that you hear over and over again. We try to write about the deeper places of our hearts, asking questions of the listener, rather than just giving answers. If we can cause someone, when the music is ?nished, to contemplate their life, their motivation, and their soul, then we have done our jobs. We can?t complete the journey for the listener, but we can open the door.”

Perhaps the greatest triumph of all here is the lyrical potency of Jeremy Spring. Only a truly inspired mind could conjure up lines such as these: We spend our lives tip toeing carefully just to arrive at our death safely...We all want what we deserve, unless it's going to hurt. And while he excels in providing sobering thoughts, Spring provides just as many euphoric moments as well: Close your eyes, then we'll start to see. Shut them tight, now we can believe. It's taken me so long to ?nd out where you are. You live in me. Few have the power to shape the listener?s emotions with words, but here you will ?nd one who can do just that, and Abandon Kansas will leave you singing (as well as thinking) long after the songs end.

Amidst all this depth, it would be hard to imagine a band that who can also bring one of the most energetic and spirited live shows around, yet Abandon Kansas brings just that. Spring explains: “Our live show is a lot more intense than the music suggests. We love to dance and we love to communicate our music with the audience whether they know our music or not. Our guitar player Brad is known for his Michael Jackson-esque dancing and it's always an entertaining show. We also never make a set list so we can vibe off the audience as to which direction we should take the show.”

An exhaustive touring schedule and work ethic has built a steady, resolute following. If you can believe it, the band played 200 shows in 2008, and is on pace to do even more in 2009. One heart at a time, one city at a time, day after day, the band adds to their fast-growing following. With such a schedule, it?s little wonder that the industry at large is beginning to pay close attention.

In the end, Abandon Kansas succeeds where so many fail because of their hearts as a unit, their commitment to a unique vision, and most of all because of their one-of-a-kind voice. We are all going somewhere. And Abandon Kansas is taking us there. Or at least they are pointing us to the door...

“If people remember anything from our concerts I hope it's not the band name and the crazy dance moves. I hope that long after our T-shirts have been given away to thrift stores and our CDs have been lost, people will remember having been drawn to something and someone much more important than music.”

Abandon Kansas is five guys with a heart for music and a passion for people. Their mission is to offer this music scene that is over-saturated with hardcore some genuine songs that cut to the core of who we are. Instead of break downs, its a dance party, and everyone is invited.

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Album Title Year Label
Abandon Kansas EP2005Independent
Exactly What We Needed EP2006Independent
Minutes EP2007Independent
You Build A Wall, I'll Build A Ladder2007Independent
The Earth Falls Asleep EP2008Independent
We're All Going Somewhere EP2009Gotee Records
Abandon Kansas EP2011Gotee Records
Ad Astra Per Aspera 2011Gotee Records





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