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It is obvious that Abel, a three piece from Poughkeepsie, NY, live and breath music. From their soaring guitars to the dramatic progressions that inhabit their songs, Abel allows soulfulness to reign supreme. Writing from a profoundly compassionate place, the band creates music that is drenched in empathetic lyrics and infectious choruses. Abel has captured the heart of the indie movement by equipping the honesty in their creativity, and they are careful to let themselves be led by that honesty.

In 2009, Abel signed with Facedown Records imprint Dreamt Music, and will release their debut EP through that label in September of 2009.

When you speak with Abel vocalist Kevin Kneifel, there’s no mistaking his passion and drive for his music. He speaks quickly, and is excited and thorough. However, in the summer of 2008, you might not have found Kneifel so enthusiastic. His then-current band with fellow Abel member Alex David was struggling, relationships were strained, and stress was taking over. The band knew they needed a new direction and a sharpened focus, but instead returned home to a lull. “Sadly, we did not come back to a grand revival,” Kneifel shares. “Instead, the members of that band parted ways, and I was left believing that our time for music and ministry was at an end.”

It wasn’t until November of that year that Kneifel and David would reunite and re-approach their mission. Joining up with drummer John Rell, the trio spent the next six months practicing and demoing songs in secret, growing together not only as musicians, but and friends. The group chose the name Abel after the biblical martyr who gave a pleasing offering to God–a purpose deeply planted in the band’s conscience. With a handful of songs ready to record, Abel hit the studio in early 2009, tracking what would ultimately become The Honest Love EP. The album was a soulful and introspective look into the heart of a blossoming group of musicians, and the band quickly caught the attention of Facedown Records, releasing the new EP only months later under the Dreamt Music banner. Touring relentlessly over the following months with bands like Deas Vail and Lorien, and strengthening their sound with the addition of guitarist Dan Bishop, Abel returned home in early 2010 to write the follow-up to their debut release.

With a newly completed album, Abel has turned a new page, reaffirming the band’s roots by joining forces with the ministry-focused Come&Live!

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Album Title Year Label
The Honest Love EP2009Dreamt Music
Lesser Men2010Come&Live!
Make It Right2012Independent




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