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The rock themes utilized by Acceptance represent the broad experience the group members have utilized during their career. Much of the experience of Acceptance music comes from their punk rock background; however, there are also other definite elements present as well. This is one of the reasons why Acceptance has been met with such strong interest and enthusiasm.

The Acceptance music group was originally formed in Seattle, Washington; much like many other groups of the time. Original members of Acceptance music include Jason Vena, Kaylan Cloyd, Chris DeCastro and Peter Pizzuto. After first forming 1998,  Acceptance went on to land their first shows and were met with broad enthusiasm.

The first Acceptance music disc was first recorded and in 1999 The Lost Words made its first appearance. Acceptance  guitarist DeCastro eventually decided to leave the band and Garrett Lunceford took his place.

Following this change, Acceptance embarked on an extensive tour and even played as an opened act for such well known crews as Element 101, the Juliana Theory and Bleach. The debt Acceptance music EP sold more than 5,000 units.

Acceptance offered up another EP in 2003 and once again went on an extensive tour. This time their tour included dates with such groups as The Snake The Cross The Crown and Gatsbys American Dream. The group went on to enjoy sold out dates in early 2006. Unfortunately, by the summer of 2006 the group had decided to split up. Several members of the group went on to work in new projects and enjoy success in their own right.

Currently, former Acceptance members comprise some of the line-ups for the bands Anberlin, Novel Form, A Modern Romance, Thunder Thunder and Search Rescue.

While Acceptance may no longer be together as a group, many people around the world continue to enjoy the intriguing and unique sounds they produced during their time together.

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Album Title Year Label
Lost for Words2002Rocketstar Records
Black Lines To Battlefields2003The Militia Group
Phantoms2005Columbia Records





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