Ace Augustine


Metalcore,Screamo,Melodic Hardcore

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Many people know this town for it’s booming music industry and bands that continue to put songs on the billboards leaving not only a mark but statement to the world. With this in mind, starting a band can be tedious work for all eyes are on you as expectations run high in the direction of success.

As most stories begin their first chapter, Ace Augustine started out with three good friends that all undeniably wanted to hit it big. What separates these gentlemen from the rest is the mark they left on the industry as one of the youngest artists to perform and tour with some of today’s biggest national such as Sky Eats Airplane, For Today, Inhale Exhale, Anberlin, My Children My Bride, and countless others. With the release of their first EP titled The Glory Of Trumpets in 2009, exposure was granted as the band balanced school and performances out of state on weekends.

In 2010, Ace Augustine signed with Strike First Records and in 2011 they released The Absolute.

The band shows no signs of giving up their courage to provide a positive uplifting message through lyrics and humbled presence giving the credit of success to their Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

In 2011, the band announced that they were splitting up:
After a few years of being a band, countless shows, a few east coast tours, the privilege of playing The Purple Door Music Festival 3 years in a row and a full length album on Strike First/Facedown Records; Ace Augustine has decided to part ways. We want to thank everyone who has ever given us the time of day
so very much for allowing us to make our dreams a reality.

We've met so many awesome people along the way and hope that the seperation of this band doesn't change your relationships with us. We also hope that you will continue to support us in our future endeavors.

We would like to give a very special thanks to our families, Jason, Virginia, Shannon and Dave at Facedown Records, Jeremy and Spencer with the CI companies, Vegas Fuel, Alex Koppenheffer for helping us produce an awesome record, Kennon Fleisher for making us an awesome music video, War of Ages, Legacy, I Am History and all of our friends out there who constantly showed their love for us.

A year later, the band resurface with a new vocalist and a new record label.

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Album Title Year Label
The Glory Of Trumpets EP2009Independent
The Absolute2011Strike First Records
The Sick and Suffering2013Red Chord Records





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Red Chord Records

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