Death Metal,Black Metal,Rock

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In 2008, Afterimage pushed the boundaries of what an unsigned band is capable of doing. The band teamed up with Becoming The Archetype (Solid State) and Sea of Treachery (Sumerian) to tour the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada. They sold the thousandth copy of their EP Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton, and performed at Cornerstone 2008 on Tooth and Nail Day. Even with the busy schedule, they managed to continue writing.

In 2009, Afterimage prepared for the most important and exciting year of their career. The band was rejoined by Guitarist Eric Lee after Wes Sherwood and Justin Swanson decided to continue with college full time. With the new lineup, Afterimage geared up to unleash new music in an official release. Fans received the familiar mix of pounding heaviness and soaring melody, however with more complexity and songwriting maturity. With new music on the horizon, Afterimage will take themselves to a higher level of professionalism and plans to bring all of their talents to bare.

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Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton EP2007Independent





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