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Formed in 2003, And Then There Were None started as five best friends who shared a love for writing and recording music. With a relentless touring work ethic, and a DIY attitude, Christian music artists And Then There Were None built a solid fan base, and began garnering attention from the press and labels alike.It’s six years later, and And Then There Where None is still here, still making waves.

And Then There Were None started as a metal band boasting metal riffs and killer breakdowns on their 2006 debut The Hope We Forget.

In 2008, And Then There Were None signed to Tooth & Nail, changed their line up , added new members, and a new sound. Once known for , the band has been reinvented, mixing euro-dance beats with a punk-rock backbone. Frontman Matt Rhoades comments, “Eventually I ran out of ideas for writing metal music, and began to write what came more naturally. To me, dance music is positive, and still incredibly emotionally based. There are no rules or norms and this allowed me more creative freedom in the writing process. I finally feel as though And Then There Where None has found its own unique sound."

What separates And Then There Where None from it's peers is the passion and moral behind the music. Unafraid to bring ethics and a message back onto the scene, Christian music artists And Then There Were None has made it a mission to be heard. Not only is every member a vegetarian, but they have partnered up with P.E.T.A. to educate and enlighten fans.  Bringing back the punk attitude, And Then There Where None proudly sets up a table of P.E.T.A. pamphlets and booklets, as well as stickers and promotional materials to inform fans. The band believes education is the first step to change, and is doing all they can to make a difference.

By pushing the envelope both musically and socially, And Then There Were None caught the attention of Tooth & Nail Records. Working with the label seemed to be a perfect match. Rhoades says, “T&N was an obvious choice from the very beginning. They encompass what And Then There Where None stands for; music backed by positive social action.” Tooth & Nail will be released And Then There Were None’s debut full length Who Speaks For Planet Earth.  Guitarist Sean Sweeney, and frontman Matt Rhoades recorded and produced the album themselves, as one of their first major recording projects. "I believe our inexperience brought an angelic quality to the record," says Matt. The result is a full-length full of passion, and sincerity, masked by fun, uplifting dance beats, sure to please.

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Album Title Year Label
The Hope We Forgot Exists200613Star
Who Speaks for Planet Earth?2009Tooth & Nail Records




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