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Andy Hunter is a world-class DJ cranking out pounding bolts of electricity in many of the hippest clubs around the world. But to Andy, this is just the multi-textured harmony that’s life.

Andy Hunter’s 2002 project Exodus put the world on notice that a new worship music was on the scene.. That highly acclaimed dance record catapulted Andy Hunter into the upper echelons of mainstream dance music. “Amazing” became a crossover hit while tracks such as “Go” and “Wonders of You” garnered major placements in film and TV, including The Matrix: Reloaded (trailer), The Italian Job, ABC’s hit “Alias,” plus video games, including “The Matrix” and “Black Hawk Down.”

Further, with media like Rolling Stone giving Exodus props and endorsements by Microsoft for national licensing and promotion opportunities, Andy Hunter found himself touring the U.S., Japan and Europe with top names in the dance music business. For an artist like Hunter—who’d worked some eight years in relative obscurity—the experience was like seeing your favorite Southern California Christian rock band suddenly opening for U2.

Andy Hunter, however, refused bragging rights. In fact, the notoriety makes him somewhat uncomfortable. His music isn’t about achieving fame, he says. It’s about expressing who he’s meant to be in Christ.

“It’s not about a style of music, it’s about a lifestyle,” he says. “To me it’s about a love relationship with Jesus,” an expression of living daily with Christ through prayer, study and worship. It’s Andy Hunter’s desire to bring others into their own intimate experience with God.

“The more we fall in love with Jesus, then the more natural to our lifestyle acts of worship becomes. So, I’m a DJ. I’m into dance music, so whatever I’m writing is an expression of worship to God. Through our art, we’re communicating—communing— with God. I want to get out pieces of music that capture people’s attention, not necessarily a lyric, but an atmosphere or a feeling that expresses the heart,” he says.

“Now, I’m having fun. I’m having a ball while I’m doing this,” Andy Hunter acknowledges, his sense of humor shining through. “It’s not like I’m Mr. Serious Spiritual Guy. But it does mean I’ve got an ear open to what God might be leading, an eye toward where he may want me to go. I want to put myself where God can use me.”

Andy Hunter’s grateful for his mainstream opportunities, but what satisfies his soul remains his church work. He’s most drawn to the young Christian who is also a techno music enthusiast. That’s typically a teenager who is discovering for the first time that art that moves them can also intersect with their faith. The experience begins a vision for living life, work and faith as one. Even today, Andy Hunter leads worship regularly for a small church near his home in the fishing town of Mumbles, off the south coast of Wales.

More broadly, Andy Hunter’s music is regarded as a staple resource for church progressives engaging in emerging worship styles—future-forward, multi-sensory alternative worship approaches aimed at 18-35-year-old Christians.

“When young people hear this style of music in or around church, it immediately connects with them and it’s freeing to them. It helps them express themselves to God, and it helps them feel accepted by the church.”

Andy Hunter, six-song EP, Life, offered sonic vignettes of Christ bringing new life to barren wasteland. It’s a powerful metaphor urging the church to engage in intercessory prayer, extending hope where there is despair. Andy Hunter’s signature ambient sound was supported on Life by a liberal use of guitars and live stringed instruments. Through innovative rhythms and beats, Life illustrates a worshipful expression of total surrender and freedom in Christ unlike any record you’ll hear this year. Andy Hunter also adds his vocals to the album, as well as guest vocalists Kate Westall and Neil Wilson.

Andy Hunter wrote and produced the score of the 2008 film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with Robbie Bronnimann.

It took three years for Andy Hunterto drop his next eclectic batch of electronica, Colour. The famed DJ encountered a literal whirlwind of international acclaim, creative advancement and personal growth. From his time on tour with DJ Tiësto (along with several rounds of solo headlining dates) to painting the vivid soundscapes in the studio for his third release Colour to reaping the benefits of a burgeoning family, the turntable wizard turned writer/performer has indeed achieved life's ultimate equilibrium.

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Cultural Shift1999NSoul
Colour2008Nettwork Records
Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed (Original Soundtrack)2008Nettwork Records




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