Ark Of The Covenant


Mosh,Doom Metal,Metalcore

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Connecticut seems to be a breeding ground for Enduring hardcore bands, and Ark Of The Covenant has come out swinging with that infamous CT brand of intensity and drive. Musically the band's influences span the heavy genre, but the NY and Boston hardcore scenes have the greatest impact on the band's writing as evidenced by Ark's signature breakdown barrage and two-step beats.

Hailing from the harsh cold of the northeast, Ark Of The Covenant’s rise is spreading throughout the music scene like a virus. In just a matter of months, they have shared the stage with many bands, such as Haste The Day and Texas In July, and have headlined both in Connecticut and New York! They have emerged to being known throughout all of the CT hardcore scene and will soon take the nation by storm.

These fine young gentlemen pour their hearts and beliefs into each and every note they conduct, hoping of reaching out to the lost youth in this society and make an impact on their lives. Having lyrics inspired by their beliefs and various life experiences, and music that will make your spine shiver, you wont know what hit you when you experience the intensity of Ark Of The Covenant.

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Album Title Year Label
Separation EP2011Strike First Records
Self Harvest2013Facedown Records





United States

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Facedown Records

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