Holding Onto Hope


Metalcore,Melodic Hardcore,Screamo


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Holding Onto Hope comes from San Luis Obispo, California and has been a band since December of 2007.

Hope Within Hardcore.

The shared vision for Holding Onto Hope has remained the same since the convergence of their talents in fall of 2008 out of San Luis Obispo, CA: “We feel that we’ve been given the gift of music very freely and the way that we feel that we should honor the Giver of those gifts is to give them away just as freely as we’ve received them.”

Holding Onto Hope has taken a calling to share “the message of hope and truth to those who are weary” through their talents over the last three years as part of Come&Live! and as a collective family. Their self-produced EP Of The Sea, debuted in the summer of 2009, received positive reviews as well as a widely acclaimed listener response, while their extensive tours have reached out to individuals throughout the nation and as far as Eastern Europe.

With much anticipation, HOH released their self-titled album Holding Onto Hope on October 4th with Come&Live! nearly 10 months after recording completed December the year prior.

New additions to this album include permanent bassist Gabe Davis formerly from Ascend The Hill, and powerful new vocalist Anton Kellner.

Lyrically, it is said to have darker themes and to be a little more open to unique perceptions. Despite its display of intensity, the fundamental vision still remains: expressing the love of Christ. Holding Onto Hope is as a movement; a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant hardcore scene.

God’s hand is in hardcore music and Holding Onto Hope is a visible product of His movement. This family of gifted musicians produces something so distinctively bold and fervent yet has the ability to encourage. These muscianaries can deliver a profound message of hope without sacrificing quality or integrity. Holding Onto Hope meets the success that comes of that quality yet chooses not to receive individual recognition for it, and the outcome can be nothing short of a gift from the Divine. This is what sets HOH apart. God has already set the stage in preparation for this new season.

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