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2x the Mono's newest incarnation is a full art rock band that blends indie rock, elecronica and folk music into one explosive set. Featuring Randell Neudorf on Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Omni Chord, Jaw Harp, Vocorder, Synthesizers, and Loop Station; Regan Neudorf on Bass, Synthesizers, Vocorder, Glockenspiel, Loop Station and Backing Vocals; and Adrian MacFarlane holding down the beat (everything from jazz to disco) on the Drums.

In 2005 Randell Neudorf started 2x the Mono as a one man band that became known for innovative looping shows. The set up was an acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and a host of other electric & acoustic instruments through a "loop station", as well as a foot controlled mono tape recorder that incorporated ambient sound effects, retro commercials, and radio static into the mix.

In 2007, 2x the Mono released their debut album Stereo EP. Believing that the only way to create something new is to mix together seemingly disparaging sounds, Randell Neudorf showed the eclectic style of 2x the Mono, mixing folk, country, rock, and experimental tracks on one disk, taking the listener on a sonic journey of surprise.

As improvised synthesiser loops became a bigger part of 2x the Mono’s live sets in 2008, an instrumental electronic album entitled Sound Sketches was recorded. This experimental album was subsequently nominated for a Hamilton Music Award in the best electronic recording category.

In Late 2008 2x the Mono Released a holiday concept album entitled Lo-Fi Christmas, a Christmas CD for all 12 months of the year containing all new and original songs. The idea was to create a Christmas CD for people who don’t like Christmas music. This album saw the addition of drummer Adrian McFarlane, and fellow multi instrumentalist and brother, Regan Neudorf. With the new line up 2x the Mono has begun playing shows that take the original one man band concept to a new level, instruments and melodies change hands between the Neudorf Brothers at a staggering rate while the solid percussion lines slip between beats that range from jazz to disco.

It was said from the beginning that “all this band wants from its audience is a reaction. You might love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore the force that is 2x the Mono!” This has never been truer then now.

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Album Title Year Label
Stereo EP2007Indpendent
Sound Sketches2008Independent
Lo-Fi Christmas2008Independent
Art Rock & Science Fiction2010Independent





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