Jeanette Thulin Claesson

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Jeanette Thulin Claesson, the daughter of traveling evangelists, The Thulin Family band and sister of Jonathan Thulin has often described as soulful, heart-touching, and powerful, Jeanette's emphasis in songwriting is on the lyrics and the importance of conveying the love of Christ and changing lives for the glory of God. Her first single, "Story" has already made it's impact on TV as it has aired on the HILLS on MTV several times. It's a refreshing uplighting song sure to delight everyone who hears it.

A songwriter at heart, Jeanette started composing at the age of 12 and over the last three decades has worked with ensembles, choirs, and worship teams both in Sweden and in the US. To date, Jeanette's catalog totals over 250 songs, many of which have been recorded and are being used by different artists, churches, and choirs around the world.

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I Will Wait2011Dream Records

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