Immortal Souls


Hard Rock,Goth,Death Metal

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Immortal Souls is a melodic death metal band from Kokkola Finland. For years they were quite unknown because their first label Little Rose didn't have enough resources to promote Immortal Souls too well. It wasn't until 2002 that Immortal Souls begun achieving world wide attention with the help of Dutch label Fear Dark which released their second album. After several years of touring in Middle Europe they created a solid fanbase that made it possible for them to play bigger festivals such as Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. Their musical style is characterized by their use of melodic guitar riffs and singing which shifts between growls and shouting. Their music has been called winter metal since Immortal Souls utilizes frosty metaphors in their lyrics and usually creates a cold, wintery atmosphere.

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Album Title Year Label
Vision Of Hell1993Independent
Immortal Souls1995Independent
Reflections Of Doom1996Independent
Divine Wintertime EP1998Little Rose Production
Cleansing EP2000Little Rose Production
Under The Northern Sky2001Little Rose Production
Ice Upon the Night2004Facedown Records/Fear Dark
Once Upon A Time In The North2005Fear Dark
Wintereich2007Facedown Records/Fear Dark
IV: The Requiem For the Art of Death2011Facedown Records/Fear Dark





Record Label:

Fear Dark / Facedown Records

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