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It's rare to find a band that can successfully balance the immense responsibility of a self-imposed 'grand design' with the endless pursuit of entertainment. The ministry-minded Arkansans of Take It Back! are surely no strangers to fun as evidenced by their brand of high-energy posi-hardcore. Taking inspiration from bands such as Comeback Kid, Bane, Dogwood and Stretch Armstrong, Take It Back!'s sound strikes a chord of candor in this synthetic and often insincere industry, and honesty is what they aim for.

Through their lighthearted approach to life on the road and their fun, youth-crew sound the band takes on a matter very dear to their hearts. They are here to fulfill The Great Commission; their hope is to reach people of every walk and faith. Vocalist Zack McKim makes this clear: "Our only hope for this record is that people see the love of Jesus and know that He is willing to take them at their worst." Take It Back! are always drawn back to the nucleus of their ministry and what they consider to be the touchstone of the band's formation. It was this essential quality that lead the band to Facedown Records.

On signing to Facedown McKim noted "We've always really respected the label's bands and the stances they took in the heavy music community so we jumped at the opportunity to work with Facedown."

Take It Back! released their debut full-length, Can't Fight Robots, through Facedown Records in 2008.

Soon after, Take It Back! experienced several line-up changes, including Zack McKim.  He was replaced by bass player Nick, and the band released an EP in the summer of 2009 featuring the new line up.

Take It Back!
sophomore album Atrocities is a natural progression from their debut album Can’t Fight Robots. As seen on their Rumors Of Revolt limited edition EP that was released and sold out in August 2009, the band seamlessly blends hardcore and punk rock music and ideals with catchy choruses and anthemic sing-a-longs. Take It Back! have toured the US several times and appeared at numerous festivals nationwide and were hailed as one of AP Magazine’s “100 Bands To Know" in 2009.

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Album Title Year Label
Can't Fight Robots2008Facedown Records
Rumors Of Revolt EP2009Facedown Records
Atrocities2009Facedown Records



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