Charlie Hall

Praise, Worship & Hymns

Contemporary Christian,Atmospheric Rock,Contemporary Folk

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Though it is the preferred weapon of warriors of worship, for Charlie Hall the paradox of pain and praise is neither a recent phenomenon nor a carefully orchestrated career choice. It is a compulsion driven by a hunger and thirst for the presence of God.

"The human experience can be really beautiful or really messy, sometimes at the same time," Charlie Hall muses. "I try to take those experiences and put them into prayers or statements of faith in terms that don't deny the experience, but views them through the constant reality of Jesus. This takes time because I am waiting to see what God is showing me about who He is, and those are the things I want to say to Him in a song."

While Charlie Hall and his band spend a third of each month playing colleges, churches, theaters, and conferences, he insists his most important time is spent at home, focusing on his family, and embracing the art of living.

"We use music to connect people to God, to give them prayers to sing, and words to use in adoration," he says. "But my biggest responsibility is to my family. I'm intensely focused on my kids; loving them, growing them, walking life with them, teaching them. Secondarily, I am also trying to cut into the art world in Oklahoma City by growing relationships and helping people grow their art."

Charlie Hall and band live in Oklahoma City, traveling year-round to places as far as Jakarta, Indonesia and as near as Norman, Oklahoma to share times of musical connection with people ranging from the spiritually bereft to the burgeoning missional to the artistic cynic. Peace.

Musically mature and a spiritually sensitive,  Charlie Hall writes prayer-songs, worship-songs, and musical statements of faith that are intimate, passionate and above all, real.

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Album Title Year Label
Porch and Altar2001SixSteps Records
Joel's Window1997Generation
On the Road to Beautiful2003SixSteps Records
Live Roots2004Independent
September Through November2005Independent
Flying into Daybreak2006SixSteps Records
The Bright Sadness2008SixSteps Records
The Rising2010SixStepsRecords



Oklahoma City


United States

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SixSteps Records

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