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Pop-Punk,Power Pop,Electro-Pop

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From a rather complicated tangle of events, and by a sometimes dark and winding road, The Fold have managed to not only survive the rough times, but to make the best of them.  While the road leading up to Secrets Keep You Sick proved to be very difficult at times from the band's history to personal tragedy (Daniel's mother passed away just months before the band went into the studio) , The Fold found a way to turn the obstacles they encountered into an album full of addictive songs that blend elements of Pop, Rock, Punk, and a little Soul.

The Fold is a pop rock band from Chicago, IL., channel their experiences into powerful, infectious songs. The band’s musical prowess and melodic maturity combine to make perfectly crafted music, full of undeniable hooks and passionate lyrics.

Taking influence for their Christian-themed pop/rock sound from groups like Far and Saves the Day, The Fold debuted on Tooth & Nail in February 2006 with  This Too Shall Pass. The Fold followed that successful debut with Secrets Keep You Sick in 2007 and the Stargazer EP in 2008. Directly following the release of Secrets Keep You Sick, The Fold spent their summer on the Van’s Warped Tour and severed ties with Tooth & Nail Records in 2008.

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Album Title Year Label
Feeling Like Failure Now2002Independent
Not of This World2003Independent
This Too Shall Pass2006Tooth & Nail Records
Secrets Keep You Sick2007Tooth & Nail Records
Stargazer EP2009Tooth & Nail Records
Dear Future, Come Get Me2009Independent





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