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Welcome to the world of Ivoryline, where hard work, perseverance and passion are the edicts of life and pave the road they travel. Born into the burgeoning Texas music scene circa 2005, Ivoryline has carved a path of success with tenacity and musical force of will that has made their journey less a road to perdition and more rock-n-roll Utopia.  Jeremy Gray provides vocals, Dusty Kittle mans guitars all rounded out with a rhythm section featuring, Wes Hart(drums) and Robert Woodward (bass).

Ivoryline, a band’s whose spiritual integrity bypasses musical wallowing. goes straight for the mainline of your emotional jugular with intensely personal lyrics and dense blasts of guitars. There is no “wink” from Ivoryline informing the listener they are steeped in the apathetic irony governing the charts; at long last a band has arrived that has the guts and the talent to enter a brave new world of sincerity. Ivoryline just gives you life, yours and theirs as a package. Singing their songs feels less like a drug and more like a journey into your own heart of darkness where you may ride their lyrical insights to new levels of self actualization.

How is it that these five boys from Tyler, Texas are able to bring the sophistication without being weighed down by the trappings of pseudo-intellectualism into a pompous self congratulatory excess?  Ivoryline did it the old fashioned way, making music for the sake of music....not to get girls, not to be stars, but for a love of music. The Ivoryline Highway was constructed from an authentic love of music and listening to their songs makes you wonder where the notes begin and the cells of their bodies end.

Ivoryline's members’ shared tastes brought them together to explore new territory while their roots remained firmly planted in the roots of rock-n-roll. The music Ivoryline made stuck to them like an electrical shock and soon what started out as a few shows and penning some songs turned into a full time gig. They knew they were onto something when they were hand selected for the Vans Warped Tour in 2006.

The storm grew stronger when Ivoryline caught the ear of executives at  Tooth and Nail Records, who had the foresight or the luck to be the company who can say they discovered Ivoryline. Crowds grew from a few dozen to a few hundred and sometimes into the thousands and a legend was born. As the crowds grew so did the feverish fervency of the fans.

The fact that Ivoryline composes songs as a unit is somehow transferred to their audience, and when they perform live, one is struck by the intense duality of the many becoming one voice, an audience so bound to the music it is as if they are its author. Make no mistake, it is the Ivoryline fans that own these songs. With hands raised and eyes closed the crowd becomes charged with electricity, light traveling in particles and waves through the room and materializing through the vocal chords of hundreds of fans. This is the foundation of Ivoryline’s allure. You, the fans, are their song.

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Album Title Year Label
The Life You Have - EP2006Independent
There Came a Lion2008Tooth & Nail Records





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