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Jonezetta singer and guitarist Robert Chisolm, lead guitarist Kyle Howe, bassist Ty Garvey, and drummer Brett Hart named Jonezetta after a clown that performed at three of the members childhood birthday parties. The members of Jonezetta did not expect to pursue a career in the music business. Despite their faith-based messages, their fan base continued to grow in the local music scene. Keeping the band together as a hobby while the four members focused on their college educations, Jonezetta honed their early-'80s-style retro new wave playing occasional gigs on the Southern college circuit.

However, at a gig in Monroe, LAJonezetta met the manager of As Cities Burn, Ryan Rado who encouraged Jonezetta to step up and devote themselves more fully to their music. A demo recorded during the bandmembers' 2005 spring break incited a small-scale bidding war, with the band eventually choosing to sign with  Tooth & Nail Records.

When Jonezetta officially landed on the alternative rock radar with 2006’s Tooth & Nail debut Popularity, it was impossible to ignore its neo-new wave grooves and overall infectiousness. Fast forward to 2008’s Cruel To Be Young and the Mississippi-bred Jonezatta elevates its creative palate to even more astute degrees, refined by endless hours on the road alongside the likes of Anberlin, Bayside, Mute Math and Shiny Toy Guns.

“Our last show in support of the debut disc was in New Zealand at a festival and it was a great highlight to wrap up that album’s cycle,” muses front man Robert Chisolm. “Being in front of so many people seemed to come full circle for us after really building up our touring experience. We supported that project on the road for two years and literally went from playing small hometown shows to at least 2,000 people on the Tooth & Nail tour. Now we’ve gone all around the world and it’s really sharpened our focus as players and songwriters.

“The last record was all about the hook and wanting people to dig a song within 30 seconds of hearing it,” recalls Chisolm. “For the new album, we recorded in Seattle at Compound Studios and we pretended it was 1997 all over again in terms of technology, which means no samples. It was a whole new approach with this record because the songs are shaped more so you have to hear the entire album to decide anything. I think America has such bad ADD these days when it comes to art and entertainment and attention spans have gone down to zero. But this disc is drawn out and meant to be put on when you’re hanging out with your friends and sitting around in hopes of really getting into the tunes rather than just listening for a few seconds and moving on.”

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Album Title Year Label
Four Songs2005Tooth & Nail Records
Three Songs2006Tooth & Nail Records
Popularity2006Tooth & Nail Records
Cruel to Be Young2008Tooth & Nail Records





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