Project 86


Post-Hardcore,Nu-Metal,Hard Rock

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What separates the memorable, pioneering artists from those that are quickly forgotten? If you ask Project 86, they will give you a very good answer. It is the belief in a substance beyond just making a couple of catchy tunes. Maybe that’s why so many continue to gravitate towards this seminal Orange County, CA rock outfit.  Maybe that’s why, after 10 years and six CDs, Project 86 continues to project the fire, fervency, and individuality that so few artists today can capture.

“Evolution has always brought life to what we do,” states vocalist Andrew Schwab. “It has always been a huge priority for us to have our own sound, and to never make the same record twice. We love the challenge of trying to do things outside of our own box. What fun is it to do what everyone expects? Music has become so predictable because everyone is so desperate to sell records. We definitely want to be about something other than that. We want people to feel our hearts, not just download a few tracks and move on to the next thing in their playlists.”

Project 86 has, unequivocally, a sound of their very own. Andrew Schwab’s enigmatic vocal approach  doesn’t simply rely on brute force to make his point. Melodic wails and bellowing haunts complement his classic sound with a mixture of the harsh and the moody. Project 86's music is loud, hard and aggressive but melodic and rhythmic with thundering drums and intense guitar riffs.

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Album Title Year Label
Project 861998BEC Recordings
Drawing Black Lines2000Atlantic Records
Truthless Heroes2002Atlantic Records
Hollow Again EP2002Atlantic Records
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By2003Independent
And the Rest Will Follow2005Tooth & Nail Records
Rival Factions2007Tooth & Nail Records
The Kane Mutiny EP2007Tooth & Nail Records
This Time of Year EP2008Tooth & Nail Records
Picket Fence Cartel2009Tooth & Nail Records
15. Live.2010Team Black Recordings
Wait for the Siren2012Independent



Orange County


United States

Record Label:

Tooth & Nail Records

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