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Secret and Whisper sound is individualistic, yet somehow familiar. A sound that is painstakingly accurate in its defiance of classification. Haunting, Epic, and fast-paced with consistent, larger-than-life melody. Christian music artist Secret and Whisper is as hungry as it is heavy, but it is definitely not screamo, metalcore, or active rock in the least. Each song is intricate in composition, yet not distractingly so.

The Secret and Whisper songs themselves will attach themselves to you quickly, and this immediacy is something you will not easily find in a band that also preaches (lives by) depth.  A waxing, waning, wailing melody from vocalist Charles Furney carries the metallic riffage beyond passion to connection.  The vocals are not not screaming, and yet not just singing. It is crying out with notes in a style that will undoubtedly cut and carve space in the post-screamo soundscape .

Secret and Whisper rose from the ashes of  Stutterfly after the band was dropped from Maverick Records and lead vocalist Chris Stickney left the band.  As a second chance can breathe life into cold hearts, so has the second journey into pop culture breathed motivation into Secret and Whisper. They recently completed their first U.S. tour with Tooth and Nail stalwarts Far-Less, and many more tours are to follow, according to the band. Rather than sold-out stadiums, the goal is to build an ongoing, evolving fellowship with the audience. Genuine connections, a genuine following, and longevity.

"We nearly gave up on playing just before we got together as the band we are today", comments Secret and Whisper drummer RyanLoerke. "Though we were all a part of moderately successful major label bands, we somehow felt empty throughout that process. There were so many hoops to jump through and so few genuine relationships with those around us. And it was all just to try to sell millions of records. There is more to life than that. I think the biggest lesson we learned is that if we don't love our music, one another, the people we work with, our fans...if there isn't a sincerity and depth to all of it, than it's all meaningless."


Album Title Year Label
Great White Whale2008Tooth & Nail Records
Teenage Fantasy2010Tooth & Nail Records





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Tooth & Nail Records

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