As Bound With Them


Melodic Hardcore,Metalcore,Mosh

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As Bound With Them, hailing from Lansing, Michigan, is bringing a new edge to the very repetitive hardcore/metal scene. Their intricate guitar lines and slow, menacing breakdowns flow very well with Adam Burmeister's uplifting lyrics, played out in a deep guttural scream with urgency.

"Those dudes are really cool, they have a passion missing from a lot of hardcore bands these days," says Todd Hatfield of The Burial. "They really do go all out in worship when they play."

As Bound With Them focus is in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. All the member have accepted Christ as their savior and play with passion and reverence to the almighty God.

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Album Title Year Label
Safer World2007Sancrosanct Records
Striving To Be A Better Man2009Sancrosanct Records





United States

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Sancrosant Records

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