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As Cities Burn's songwriter,  lead vocalist, mult- instramentalist Cody Bonnette, guitarist Chris Lott, bassist Colin Kimble and drummer Aaron Lunsford progressively moved past their highly lauded 2005 debut, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest. After the vocal departure of his brother T.J. in 2006, Cody Bonnette took over singing. As Cities Burn musical direction changed dramatically with 2007's sophmore release Come Now Sleep.  T.J.'s departure saw As Cities Burn abandon their scream style vocals for more a melodic singing style.  H0wever the the band's hard edged music and the density of their lyrics weighed even heavier on Come Now Sleep.

Recorded in Cleveland, TN at First Street Studio over three months, the third album from As Cites Burn, Hell or High Water, takes the band in a new direction with more focus on creating an ambient and rooted rock sound. Produced primarily by Bonnette along with the aid of Tyler Orr, Jae Ham, Robert Chisolm and Tyler Schwindt, the album was recorded to sound more similar to the band’s live sound.

The album takes the sound of Come Now Sleep and strips it even barer instrumentally, while breathing a more reflective take on the music scene “Errand Rum” love “Lady Blue” and an artistically blunt finale that passes the torch to other great acts “Capover”.

As Cities Burn have removed themselves even further from “flavor of the week” Myspace hits, and have created a brutally honest and musically progressive sound that wise listeners will surely be discussing about amongst themselves, leaving the deaf ears to wander the saturated Web.

In the summer of 2009, As Cities Burn officially announced that they would no longer continue as a band, citing life style changes and an inability to keep a steady line-up.

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Album Title Year Label
Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest2005Solid State Records
Come Now Sleep2007Solid State Records
Hell or High Water2009Tooth & Nail Records





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Tooth & Nail Records

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