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Forming in 2006, Auburn has come a long way, establishing themselves as a respected name in the legendary Boston hardcore scene. They have earned and secured a solid spot alongside their peers such as Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am, Vanna, A Loss for Words and Lions Lions to name a few.

Since releasing their Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth EP in 2009, a lot has changed with Auburn and it has only made them a stronger and better band. In addition to touring coast to coast multiple times and endless shows and mini tours all over the U.S., the band has taken the last two years to mature and hone their sound. This time around all the pieces fit in the right spots; The sound is heavier, the lyrics are deeper, there is even more intensity and energy. This is Auburn version 2.0 and the beta testing and glitches are long gone.

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Album Title Year Label
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth EP2009Blue Duck Records
Parallels2011CI Records




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CI Records

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