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Post-Hardcore,Experimental,Hard Rock

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Await The Day, born out of that small country called Texas has proven their vision is as big as the state they come from. Await The Day's freshman release “Time For Change” consists of nothing less than a cornucopia of melodic hard rock. With raging guitars, soaring vocals, intense drums and of course, the strategically placed screams, Await The Day is driven to bring a sound to your ears that you can’t help but keep listening to.

With lyrics that focus largely on hope in spite of a world that sometimes seems hopeless Await The Day continue to deliver this message in a way that is relevant to our culture today. Over the course of their 2 years together, Await The Day has played many different venues, sharing a stage with Showbread, High Flight Society, As I Lay Dying, The Wedding, Project 86, Children 18:3 and many more. Await The Day is determined to connect to this generation, recruiting fans from every show they play. In a time where all artists are labeled in one way or another, Await The Day has set out to just play the best music they can, writing songs that they hopefully would listen to themselves. “It’s not about what type of music you play, it’s about whether or not the song reaches someone where they are” says singer Ben Fontenot. “If we can connect with at least one person at each show it is all worth while.”

Playing all the big festivals from Spirit West Coast in Monterrey, California to Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Cornerstone in Bushnell, Illinois, Await The Day have definitely seen their share of the country. Await The Day is ready and willing to hit the road and play for and with anyone, believer or not.

Await The Day believes that in a jaded world the good news should be shared but not forced. They want to build relationships. “Christians need some good ol’ hard rock music that can speak to them, encourage them, and that they can relate to in times when life just sucks,” says lead singer Ben Fontenot. “On the other hand, I think the mainstream needs to know that there is music out there that offers hope and love and something they can relate to at the same time.” Facing a few line up changes on the way, they are determined to move forward and continue their collective journey. This is only the beginning for Await The Day.

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