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Indie Folk,Traditional Folk,Progressive

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Ten or so years ago, two art students had a plein air performance in common that took place on a perfect New England summer day. The intense heat of the noon day sun mingled with Ben's coke-bottle eye wear, creating a spark between them that was soon fanned into a flame which then quickly became a blaze glowing in the center of a hearth in the middle of your heart, if you wish.
For years, these two forged their separate musical careers side by side like two hermits living in the same hut. Ben focused on his lifelong avant-pop recording project with Chris Weisman entitled "Clov." Vesper continued writing songs in the traditional/contemporary folk vein, recording and performing in every which way, from solo settings to singing with various jazz and folk ensembles.
One day, Ben was walking in New Jersey and thought, "Could two bubbling brooks form an ocean if they flowed into one another?" The answer is no, but they might form one rushing river whose power is something to behold. So with the encouragement and support from the Sounds Familyre family, Ben + Vesper have been happily collaborating ever after.
Enter Ben + Vesper: Misers of tonal treasure, advocate to the wayward melodie. Now you enter with ears agape, into the mess of battered pleasantries that nest among rhythms brooding and temperamental. With a half smirk and a hushed croon, it is Ben's life mission to sing for you with all of his heart. Ben also strums and picks at a butter-yellow Telecaster like someone being introduced to an exotic but delicious food. The ever-radiant Vesper has a voice that could slay a dragon if need be, but doesn't need to because her accordion playing tames the heart of the wicked beast.
Ben + Vesper make their home in North Jersey, but are citizens of the world. They hold their hand out to you in musical friendship with songs that strike hard at anyone who has ever loved and lost.

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Album Title Year Label
More Questions2006Sounds Familyre
All This Could Kill You2007Sounds Familyre
LuvInIdleness EP2010Sounds Familyre
Honors2011Sounds Familyre




New Jersey

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Sounds Familyre

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