Blessed By A Broken Heart


Classic Rock,Metalcore,Glam

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Blessed By A Broken Heart, a fun loving, carefree and energetic rock band from Montreal has but one goal in mind: to deliver an album of epic summer party anthems that will give everyone who hears it an outlet to leave their daily frustrations behind and think about the happy times, past and present. Upon one listen to such tracks as “Move Your Body” and “To Be Young,” you will find yourself living (or reliving) the best times of your life. This is fun music for fun people.

They say to never take life too seriously and to live for the moment, which is exactly what Blessed By A Broken Heart is all about. Their unique, infectious brand of '80s madness is undeniable, and they deliver a plethora of extreme rock anthems that are so catchy and infectious, they will soon be your new guilty pleasure. This could be best described as a modern day version of Motley Crue meets Journey and guitarist Shred Sean is destined to become one of the most talked about players in the genre with his Yngwie-like licks and bombastic shredding techniques.

If you are not on board after one listen to their appropriately titled Century Media debut album, Pedal To The Metal, you will quickly find yourself sneaking onto the bandwagon. The effort was recorded by GGGarth (Nickleback, Rise Against). Feel good rock and roll has been absent for some time, the world has been waiting for a band of this magnitude for awhile.

Blessed By A Broken Heart encompasses pure rock n’ roll excess, which was further displayed as they purchased their own bus and drove it into the ground throughout numerous tours. The most recent was alongside Kittie and Bring Me The Horizon, which is where Blessed By A Broken Heart caught the attention of Century Media execs with their DIY lazer/light show and undeniably energetic and captivating live performance. The buzz has even reached overseas, as Blessed By A Broken Heart has already booked a sold-out UK headlining tour.

It doesn’t matter what your social status is, what clique you are in, where you fit in or how you dress, because at the end of the day we are all people who enjoy the same amenities. Blessed By A Broken Heart have created a universal soundscape for the masses that knows no limitations. Everyone can relate to these tracks in some capacity and it is now up to you to let go, give into your desires and have nothin’ but a good time.

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Album Title Year Label
All Is Fair in Love & War2004Blood & Ink Records
Pedal to the Metal2008Century Media Records
Feel The Power2012Tooth & Nail Records





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Tooth & Nail Records

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