The Blind Boys Of Alabama


Southern Soul,Southern Gospel,Group Choir

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Close your eyes for a few moments, and with them closed imagine the mid-1930's - the Great Depression, the dust bowl, silent movies and deep-rooted segregation with no end in sight. Envision with closed eyes a town called Talladega, Alabama, home to a school named the Alabama School for the Negro Deaf and Blind - a school where weaving baskets and caning chairs were considered the highest possible vocations. This was the birthplace of the greatest gospel tradition in American history. This was the birthplace of The Blind Boys Of Alabama.

From the invention of television to the invention of the internet, through world wars and cold wars, from FDR to Barack Obama, and now well into their eighth decade of touring, writing and recording, the Blind Boys of Alabama have not only faithfully remained, endured and persevered, they have evolved, thrived, and flourished as the premier purveyors of gospel music the world over. When you hear the Blind Boys of Alabama singing it is as instantly recognizable as it is original, inhabiting a place in the soul no others can. Having the opportunity to write, sing, record and tour with The Blind Boys of Alabama has been the highest musical privilege in my lifetime. I still sit in humble disbelief when I hear my voice singing with theirs. The memories of our time and friendship are as sacred as the sound that comes from their voices.

From the famed Capitol Studios to the Apollo Theater in Harlem - where I had, respectively, the great privilege of recording and performing with them - from the floor of the United Nations to the White House, The Blind Boys of Alabama have triumphantly carried soul gospel music into the 21st century, producing a timeless body of work that will inspire generations to come.
Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama performed together on the GRAMMY-winning album, 'There Will Be A Light'.

-Ben Harper

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Album Title Year Label
I Can See Everybody's Mother But Mine1948Coleman
Livin' On Mother's Prayers1950Palda
Sweet Honey In The Rocks1950Palda
The Sermon1953Fantasy
When I Lost My Mother1953Palda
Oh Lord, Stand by Me/Marching Up to Zion1954
Oh Lord, Stand by Me1954Fantasy
My Mother's Train1958Vee Jay
God Is On The Throne1959Savoy
The Original Blind Boys of Alabama1959Savoy
You'll Never Walk Alone/True Convictions1963Trip
Old Time Religion1963Vee Jay
You'll Never Walk Alone/True Convictions1963Vee Jay
Can I Get A Witness?1965Buddah
Church Concert in New Orleans (Live)1967HOB
Fix it Jesus Like You Said You Would1969Keen
Will Jesus Be Waiting1969MCA
In the Gospel Light1970Clarence Fountain Jewel
The Five Blind Boys From Alabama1970HOB
The Soul of Clarence Fountain1970Jewel
Precious Memories1974MCA
The Soldier Album1978PIR
Faith Moves Mountains1984Myrrh
In The Hands Of The Lord1987Universal
I'm A Changed Man1989Wajji
The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama1989Gosel
Brand New1990Wajji
I'm Not That Way Anymore1990Atlanta
I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord1991Nashboro
Deep River1992Elecktra
Bridge Over Troubled Water1993House of Blues
Alive In Person1994Jewel
Blessed Assurance1994Jewel
Don't Forget to Pray1994Jewel
In The Gospel Light1994Jewel
Soul Gospel1994Jewel
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot1994Jewel
I Brought Him with Me1995House of Blues
All Things Are Possible1996Jewel
Holdin' On1997A&M Records
Best of Clarence Fountain and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama1999Frank Music
Hallelujah: A Collection of Their Finest Recordings1999Music Club
My Lord What a Morning!2000World Wide Gospel
Gospel For The Lord2001Dressed to Kill
Original Blind Boys2001Savoy
Spirit of the Century2001Real World
Higher Ground2002Real World
I Saw the Light2002Liquid 8
Go Tell It on the Mountain2003Real World
There Will Be a Light2004Virgin Records
Atom Bomb2005Real World
Down in New Orleans2008Time Life Music





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