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In this disgusting era in the music industry where the word “Christian” seems to only be used to obtain a certain status, record label, or endorsement, Bought In Blood strives to bring back what’s been forgotten by many. The very meaning of the word, Christ-like. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the five piece has been playing together since their conception in January of 2007, and despite of many setbacks and obstacles, has remained a solid line up ever since. “We’ve never had a member change, and we plan to keep it that way.” Says vocalist Joe Heidkamp. “We’ve all grown so much together not only musically, but more importantly spiritually. We know this is what God has for us in this season of our lives, and that’s what keeps us going.”

You won’t just find solidarity in the line up of this young, ever improving band, but more importantly in the music they play. With their own mix of hardcore and metal, and a huge blend of influences ranging from bands like Since The Flood to Dragonforce, Bought In Blood hits their fans with driving riffs, forceful lyrics, and what some fans consider “just the right amount” of punishing breakdowns. “We wanna play music that kids wanna hear, but at the same time we wanna have our own sound. We try to be creative when we write, kinda throw our own spin on things.” Says drummer Josh Ziegler.

This upcoming year looks to be a busy one for Bought In Blood, with a hefty tour schedule, and the release of their first EP entitled To The Wolves, which will purposely attract a wide range of interest, combining songs old and new alike, including the heavy hitter “Covet”, fan favorite “Delivered”, and what they wrote to just be a catchy, and fun worship song entitled “Redeemer”. We can’t forget the high encouragement of crowd participation that comes with these guys, though you will probably notice through the wide range of gang vocals on the upcoming album. “We just want kids to have a good time whether they want to hear what we have to say or not, we’re not here to shove anything down anyone’s throat, just do what God wants us to and let everyone know that he loves them no matter what.
” Keep an eye out for Bought In Blood, coming to a city near you!


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2007 Demo2007Independent
To the Wolves Ep2010Sancrosanct Records





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