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Bradley Hathaway is no stranger to doing things his own way.

In 2004 Bradley Hathaway wrote his first poem inside of a 1988 Ford pickup truck in Arkansas; within 18 months he would tour the United States, release a record of performance poetry, tour countries across Europe, write a book, discover the guitar, folk music, and Johnny Cash; tour Hawaii, and Australia; destroy his 1988 Ford Pickup truck after hundreds of shows in America; fall in love a couple times, write a few songs about falling in love and getting dumped a couple times, and live on a pig farm- all without the help of a record label or management.

His first recording, All The Hits So Far, But Don't Expect Too Much, was a audio component to his book that collected all his poems of the first several years of his career. Bradley's early work was almost all spoken word, with small amounts of folk guitar and piano to add mood on his recordings.

This all changed one day when he was writing a poem in his head and it came out as a melody. He taught himself how to play guitar, and recorded The Thing that Poets Write About, The Thing That Singers Sing About that same year. The album featured Bradley's traditional spoken word poetry, but also featured a fair amount of folk and Americana songs to showcase Hathaway's new found melody.

He toured on the album for almost two years, all the while further developing his sound as a musician rather than a poet.

In 2009, Bradley Hathaway released Mouth Of Dust, a monumental album that combined folk, poetry, progressive rock and even a little post-hardcore. Mouth Of Dust received rave reviews, and took Bradley Hathaway out of obscurity, and firmly placed him in indie rock's royalty by drawing comparisons to Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, and mewithoutYou.

Change is the characteristic of a great artist. The best artists are always one step ahead of their audience. Bradley Hathaway is an artist of change, always surprising his audience and taking us to places never imagined. Bradley is not an accomplished musician or a singer; in fact, he can barely play the guitar. But music is much more than talent and craft: it is emotion and experience. Bradley Hathaway isn’t like other artists. He doesn’t give us craft and finesse. He gives us himself with all his flaws and imperfections. He lays his heart out for the rest of us to listen and judge, and that is the hardest thing an artist can do. Songs of joy. Songs of pain. Songs of innocence. Songs of experience. It’s all here, given to us by one of our generation’s most important artists.

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