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braveSaintSaturn, or BS2 as they are often called, began in 1999, as a side project for four of the members of the now defunct, but critically acclaimed, punk-ska sensation: Five Iron Frenzy.

With Five Iron Frenzy, the members experienced a great deal of success, including being part of the Warped and Ska Against Racism tours, songs being played on various TV shows and movie soundtracks, reaching 146 on the Billboard Charts, and even reaching number 5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. But, after touring to 46 states and 6 countries, playing over 1000 shows, and releasing an unprecedented 9 albums which sold over 1 million copies combined, they decided to call it quits; an impressive feat for never leaving their small San Francisco Bay indie label.

In the 8 years that Five Iron Frenzy was active, half of the group were able to form braveSaintSaturn, and release two albums, as well as performing several times in between their exhaustive touring schedule. The music of braveSaintSaturn can be described as a more pensive and serious project with strong melodies and insightful lyrics, setting this group far apart from their jovial punk and ska origins.

Originally designed as an outlet for the group member’s darker themed pieces, braveSaintSaturn attempts to embody the struggles of loneliness and heartbreak in their music by metaphorically painting a portrait of four astronauts returning home after a botched mission into space. Musically, the group combines orchestral elements with rock music and synthesizers for a truly different sound. Dubbed the “Supersonic Philharmonic”, by various media outlets, this group embodies a spirit of song not seen in recordings since the early 1980’s with artists like ELO and David Bowie- yet improves upon the theory, combining electronic elements with acoustic, rock music with orchestral, and the sacred with the profane.

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Album Title Year Label
So Far From Home20005 Minute Walk Records
The Light of Things Hoped For2003Tooth & Nail Records
Anti-Meridian2008Department of Biophysics





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