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Folk,Adult Contemporary,Sunshine Pop

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When you first hear the music of Carson Parks, you may be drawn to comparisons with a few other artists in the Christian and mainstream markets, but there is a freshness and an originality in Carson that is uniquely his. Being inspired by, and drawing from a diverse musical background that includes collegiate level Jazz studies, Carson Parks possesses outstanding talents as a singer, guitarist, trombonist, and songwriter.

In his words “We live in a world that is far from what it was intended to be, and with that comes struggles. However, by God’s grace and through faith in Jesus Christ, we have a hope!” HOPE, JOY and ENCOURAGEMENT are just some of the many words one could use to relate to the message of Carson’s music.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Carson Parks began playing music at age nine after his elementary school music teacher made the trombone sound like a racecar. He was immediately hooked and became determined to recreate that sound. Carson kept at it earning multiple regional and all-state honors and eventually got the opportunity to play lead trombone for the Young Sounds of Arizona Youth Jazz Band when he was a junior. Being exposed to jazz made Carson realize that he wanted music to be more than just a hobby in his life. He loved the creativity, originality, and joy that playing trombone allowed, but wanted to explore more of music, so, he began to write songs of his own on acoustic guitar. By his senior year, after a few friends discovered a recording he had made of an original song, he began performing around the campfire for his peers and at various local coffee shops.

During college, he continued to pursue music, majoring in Jazz Performance at Arizona State University while also earning a degree in Audio Music Production at Mesa Community College. Playing the trombone for nearly 14 years has blessed Carson with the opportunity to play with and back up such jazz artists as Wycliffe Gordon, Andy Martin, Dennis Rowland, Fred Sturm, Bob Mintzer, Bobby Shew and Jeff Coffin as well as the Ringling Bros. Circus. Majoring in jazz performance on trombone did not give Carson much free time to pursue his love for writing and singing, but he managed to devote whatever free time he did have to developing his own sound. After graduating in May, Carson finally decided it was time to follow his dream and pursue a career as a solo artist. Several months later, Carson is now released his first solo album.

“I honestly do not know where music is going to take me, but I do know that music is a gift from God, and whether I am singing and playing the guitar or just playing a few notes on the trombone I hope to touch anyone willing to listen.”

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